Obama and Enslaved America

President Obama’s State of the Union speech was an inspiring speech.  He can deliver the words and dreams on a silver plattered tongue.  And I believe a lot of his speech was just that…dreams.

He eloquently spoke of getting us out from under China.  President Obama forgot one important fact.  He would have to pry the special interest groups and our legislators out of the claws of China and its materialistic grip.  I don’t think he has a crow bar big enough, but we, the American people do!

The relationship is similar to the one China had with England in the 1700’s. England had enslaved the Chinese by addicting them to the opium they produced for the English to sell.  China has enslaved Americans by utilizing our materialism against us.  They are importing cheap products into America, buying American real estate, and investing in our enormous debt.  The most disturbing part is that our legislators are so addicted they can’t shake themselves loose, even to do what is best for America.  Kick them out of office, now!

As Americans, we are also at fault.  We clamor for the latest gadgets, bigger homes, more cars, and a lifestyle of royalty.  We want our products to be cheaper, our debts to be bigger, and our loyalty is to the one who can provide it the fastest.  Now, if we were to stop buying anything but American made.  Quit giving into our latest whims and start being productive again, we might find us a happy and successful nation again.

The first step is for all American located companies to understand that if they import one part of their product, it is considered foreign-made.  Thus they shall incur the highest taxation possible to be able to sell to the American consumer.  This is a privilege!  Start with the big computer companies and go down the line.  Give them tax incentives to come back to America, fully.  Help American’s re-furbished these shut down factories and get Americans back to work!

I would rather pay $1200.00 for a computer completely made in America, than $400.00 for one made in China.  Maybe I won’t buy another one for a couple of years or more, but do I really need it.  Is my quality of life so dependent on these objects that I won’t survive without them? No! And neither is yours.  And have you noticed that when it is not American made, they don’t comply with quality standards.  So in the long run, you are being duped into buying more and paying more!

It is time to end our addiction and break free of our slavery!

Everlasting Love

On Friday afternoon, Sawyer (my son) and I picked up Cara (4-year-old granddaughter) from pre-school. We spent the afternoon having lunch, running errands, and shopping at the local craft store.

One of our stops was Guitar Center.  Sawyer, a sales clerk were discussing mixing his band sounds, and running everything through the computer.  Cara wanted Uncle Sawyer’s undivided attention, so I suggested that we walk toward the front and Uncle Sawyer would be along in a minute.

When we got to the front, Cara looked up at me and said, “Noni, I think we have to go back and get Uncle Sawyer, because he is lost!”

I could not help to smile and agree with her, so back we went to be with Uncle Sawyer.  I like to believe that is how God feels about us.  When we are one second away from Him, He knows we are lost! And He always comes back to get us! Whether we take His hand or not is our choice.  However, have you noticed that God never gives up on you and your relationship with Him?

He keeps bugging you repeatedly in so many different and sometimes very creative ways! How has He bugged you lately? It is an everlasting love God offers us!  One which can fill our hearts and souls to overflowing.  If you have ever known His love, you can never forget it.  And our souls keep searching to re-connect when we are apart!

Romans 8:38-39 states God’s love for us in the grandest way. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons; neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. “

If you do not know His love, and want to find God, email me.  I will tell you how! He is already waiting on you.

A Feist Full of Joy

This is Daisy, a year ago, when we went to the mountains.  I cropped and blew the picture up so that you can see how small she was at the time.

Last year, around this time, we were on the way to the Smokey Mountains.  We have a camper that we use and when we go we take our small dog Max with us.  Max is a Rat Terrier.  But this year, we had an additional traveler, Daisy.

Daisy is a female feist that someone had put out.  She was not even old enough to be taken away from her mother! So I decided that she needed us because we certainly did not need another dog.  With two outside old ladies, who are medium in size and Max, three was enough or so I thought.

Now, Daisy is one of those dogs who are always joyful.  From her early morning rises immediately dashing outside to the bathroom, typical girl, to her snuggling up to you at night; her mood is loving and happy.  Even her little yippy bark makes you smile.

When we go to the mountains, our routine is pretty set.  We always seem to stop at the rest area right outside of Hendersonville.  And this trip was no exception.  With Daisy at three months and Max an old man of seven years, we decided they would need a break.  So, did I!

All three of us walked the two dogs.  Every tree Max stopped to sniff, investigate, and then lift his leg; Daisy would have to do the same.  Except the lifting of the leg, because Daisy does the “girlie pee walk” and tries not to get anything on her.  She is very prissy.  On one of these walks around the perimeter, Daisy backs up and right out of her collar.  FREEDOM!


All three of us were calling and coaxing her.  With hinny in the air, tail wagging, and head on paws down front, she was ready. If we stepped toward her, she would dart over to one side and get down in the position again.  I decide to take Max to the car and return to help, only to find human nature at its best!

People, who had stopped at the rest area, were now helping to surround Daisy.  And she was thrilled.  Tail up, head down, hup, hup, and off she would dart.  Oh, the adults would run too.  I could not stop myself from laughing at the human snare circle and the tiny puppy that we could not catch.  Daisy finally tired and went straight to my son, her sleeping buddy.  We thanked everyone for helping and loaded back up in the car.

To this day, I think about the joy this little dog, which we did not need, brings us.  God certainly sends us joy in the most unusual packages!


Tim Tebow A Problem?

Every where you look on television, they are talking about the Christian NFL player Tim Tebow.  If it is not other NFL players making sarcastic remarks, Saturday Night Live felt they had to do a lame skit about the boy.

With all of the numerous athletic role models out there today, Tim Tebow is fresh air to the brain.  I think our brains become hazed over, when we accept the narcissistic attitudes of these players who make millions of dollars.  So accepting is the public that they allow their own children to configure some sort of heroes out of them.

I have to say these old athletic molds are so flawed that they could not stand under the pressure of a Christian who is walking, talking, and living his life for Jesus Christ.  Boy, it shows in their comments.  They reek of fear that they might have to give up their large paychecks and Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyles because the public might finally stand up and say “no more”!  Satan smells their fear too, and that is why in their comments they try to ridicule Tim.  Instead, they look absurd and ignorant.

One football player was commenting about Tim praying all the time.  He felt if he had to pray during the fourth quarter, just to win, then maybe he should not be playing football.  You can tell he knew nothing of the Christian life.  Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him. And He shall direct your paths.”   Human ways are imperfect and flawed, but God’s ways and direction is perfect.  I don’t know, I think I would rather have God tell me what to do on the football field, than a human player!

There is nothing wrong with Tim Tebow!  Now, as for the other players, well I can’t exactly say.  Satan smells their fear and he would love to drag a few souls with him when he is thrown into hell.  So, Satan whispers in their ears and deceives them about the real plan.  Can you feel Satan’s hot breath on the back of your neck while easing you closer to the edge of the abyss?

Why not tell Satan to back off before you have to body slam him?  Follow Tim Tebow’s game plan and make Jesus first in your life.  We could use a few more role models like him in this world!

Government Human Resource Department

John Adams once made a statement about if you give a poor man the right to vote, he will sell his vote.  I think that if you give a rich man a political position, he will suck the life and money from the people that he is supposed to be representing.

Our politicians have done a stellar job!  There is no life or money left in America.  I am not sure what else they can drain from us, except our blood.  Isn’t time for Americans to say “NO” to these politicians? Vote them out of office or have peaceful sit-ins at their offices.  Give them no choice but to listen and to act in the best interest of the American people.

For every bill that has something beneficial to the Representative, snuck in on the back side, should result in immediate dismissal from the job.  We need a better way to “fire” these people.  We need an “American Government Personnel Dept.” with the Personnel Department Chief having the power to “fire” these representatives immediately.

It would be set up with a hand book, just like any business.  Listing the guidelines for work and staying employed.  Each state would have an “AGPD” and a Chief and an Associate Chief, responsible for overseeing the work of each State and Government Representative.

If they feel their representative needs to be reprimanded, they would take it before the people and then reprimand the representative.  If they feel the representative requires firing, once again, before the people and then fire the representative.  This way the people of the state are informed and the representative will have a chance to defend his actions.  But it should be quick and without political or big business interference.

Also the Representative is not guaranteed a four-year position.  He/she can be fired just like the rest of us in the working environment.  They need to be knocked off their podiums and placed with the rest of us on the ground!

I wonder how many new jobs; I just created with this one idea?  Just an idea.

2012 World Predictions!

Predictions for 2012

Hindsight Hinney here with my world shattering predictions for the year 2012.  I have consulted the stars, the people on Mars, all the psychotics…I mean psychics of the world, a few televangelist, and your mom and dad.  My techniques have been proven creditable throughout the years, by the Scientific Studies for People Who Make Predictions or the People Who Should be Wearing a Funny White Coat MDPhDPADODOBIRD.

1.  A regime will fall and new regime will take over a country.

2.  Cancer and bedbugs will be cured through the use of nuclear waste.  Which they have   found more effective than chemo.  If you are going to kill everything; you might as well kill everything!

3. Jesus Christ will come to the earth.  And I am not saying this because every generation after He left, thought they were the generation when He would come back.  I overheard the televangelists talking in the bathroom.  When I walked in one said, “Oh, Jesus, he’s back.”

4. Mars will use Jupiter’s rings for the next world hula hoop contest.

5. Brad and Angelina will get divorced and then married.

6. While Jennifer and Justin find out they are expecting a litter, after adopting a pregnant lab from the SPCA.  Jennifer thought the lab had quit smoking too.

7. Perez Hilton will put on his granny panties and fight Brad Goreski for the title of Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.

8. The Dallas Cowboys will regain their title as America’s team after beating the Brooklyn Dodgers 27-26.

9. The Real Housewives will each get an endorsement contract from the new exercise company PLASTICIZE ME! They will be bouncing off the walls with joy!

10. David Letterman will stop his “Top Ten” list in favor of my list “The Hinney Hole View Daily Update”.

11. The world will have 8 hurricanes, 6 tsunamis, 4 earthquakes, and 2 fires or maybe it is 2 hurricanes, 4 tsunamis, 6 earthquakes, and 8 fires.  I know it is 2, 4, 6, and 8. You pick the disaster, but don’t pick your nose! YUK!

12. A new President will be elected President in the USA, he/she will be the last one you would want, I mean expect as President.

13. The terrorists will shave off all of their body hair and look like scary bowling pins when naked.  All because new American Muslim is in charge of translating the notices on the Mosque wall. The sign should have read…“We are peaceful Muslims, no terrorist, or soliciting allowed and please remove your sandals before entering.” Instead it read… “No terrorist can enter our Mosque without first removing your body hairy piece.”.  Could the CIA have found a new tactic to help identify terrorists or chemo patients in the airports?

14. Christmas will be delayed next year, because Santa is having to relocate.  The North Pole Melted.

15.   Facebook will start requiring your thumb print to sign onto their website.  I told you to stop picking your nose!

I would like to wish everyone, a Happy, Healthy, Loving, Jesus Walk-Filled next year, because just like my list, the rest is only junk!  Love to All! Joni Berry