Precious Life/What is it Worth to You?

As parents and grandparents, we know how precious life is from the moment our child is born.  It is not all about me anymore and that is a very good thing!

Yesterday, a child (yes, a child) shot children (yes, children) in a Ohio school.  Death and killing appears to be as easy as buying a Dr. Pepper at the local store.  No big deal.  Anger is so great among our young people and retaliation is their answer to their problems.  Because as adults, parents, grandparents, and role models we have failed to show them another solution to failure, rejection, depression, unhappiness, loneliness, hunger, and life in general.

Could it be that as adults we have gotten so far away from what it means to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ, that we ourselves do not know the answer?

Are you mad at me yet? I just called you a failure.  Oh, maybe you have raised your children right and they know how to process their own emotions in the right direction.  But what about other children, the ones it is easier to walk right past because they are not “your problem”.  They are all of our problems!  And until we realize this fact, they will keep killing and hating one another.

When we did Middle and High school youth at church, I realized that, at times, we were just the babysitters.  Parents who did not want to deal with their own children because they had worked all week at a job.  Well, boo hoo to you.  You made the decision to bring them into the world and if you want “me” time, wait until they are gone off to college.  I guess my adult sympathy is a little low today. I can only feel sympathy for the children.

The answer is to become a family unit again! Don’t shuffle your kids off on their friends or random activities.  Participate with them.  Give them a little alone time, but very little.  Be involved! If you have to come home from work and take a 15 minute shower to unwind, do it, and then be present in their lives.  Give God tomorrow and let Him figure it out.  Pray together, talk to each other, kiss their faces, and sleep when you are dead.  For life is worth living and participating in, it is the greatest gift that you have been given.

Have you been given so many precious gifts, greater than life, that you just throw His gift onto the “more stuff” pile?

And what about your child’s life?  God trusted you to the point to give you His precious gift in the form of a child.  Did He give you too much trust? Does He see more in us, than we choose to see in ourselves?

You figure it out!

I found this post on YouTube by Haids1987 and the song is by Kenny Loggins. Enjoy.

Texas, Here We Come…

My husband has received a promotion, which means we have to re-locate to Houston, Tx.  I am so grateful for the promotion, during a time when most are being downsized or laid off, yet our families reside within the NC/SC area.  Our grandkids are minutes down the road and aging parents only a couple of hours away.

Now, the move will not be an immediate event, because there are too many things to get done. We will become what the media calls a commuter family.  Being in the same house for seventeen years, having to sift through those years of our lives, will take time.  All of this said, I decided and made it clear to the boys, that this is going to be a family adventure!  A chance for all relatives, on both sides of the family, to explore and discover new places in America.  For when God opens a door bursting with opportunities, it is how you grab them that matters most!  We will grab our God-given opportunity thankfully, joyfully, and with enthusiastic expectations!

My writings will experience new perspectives, and the ideas have already started pouring out.  Like the other day, when I was thinking Texas, rodeos, and country music.  I believe I have come up with the beginnings of the next big country music song lyrics and I will share them with you!

How to Roll

Hindsight is 20/20

Beergoggles make you stupid, not funny.

God knows your real soul,

And baby this ain’t no way to roll.

I woke this morning to a banging,

In my head and at my front door.

Found myself late for work,

And the dog had peed on the floor.

It seems that last night,

With my girls out on the town,

We did some things we shouldn’t have

And now words gotten around.

Hindsight is 20/20

Beergoggles make you stupid, not funny.

God knows your real soul,

And baby this ain’t no way to roll.

Ok, that is all I have for right now.  And I am sure I will add a little more to this because there has to be a lesson learned ending.

I wonder when they talk about the Texas Tornado, in Texas, if it was in anticipation of me.  I am a pretty dusty old crag and I do blow some wind every now and then! LOL!

It Is A Beautiful Day!

As most of you know, I love tents and camping.  Tents are kind of my thing and it does not take too much encouragement to talk me into building one in the den.  My children learned this fact quickly and now my grandchildren have realized it.

Friday afternoon was to be mine, Sawyer, and Cara’s day. So, we picked her up from pre-school and went to her favorite place for lunch in the mall, Chick-fil-a.  There is a place in the mall that has blow up bouncers and slides.  We love going there and between the three of us can have a whole afternoon of fun.  Uncle Sawyer is a good sport about all of this, because at sixteen, there are plenty of other things he could be doing.  He does love his niece!

After a couple of hours of jumping and sliding, I could tell Cara was becoming tired, so we headed back to my house.  Cara wanted to go to the bonus room, pull out the children’s pop up tents, and play “go camping”.  It was an excellent idea!  As Uncle Sawyer retreated to his room, I was told that it was nighttime and there were fireflies everywhere.

We caught some fireflies and watched them light up the room, excuse me, pretend sky, Cara said it was time for bed.  She climbed in her tent and I climbed in mine.  Now I have this “thing” deep inside of me.  I can only explain this “thing” as a little fun deviousness.  It can make me smile in the most unusual situations as-long-as I keep it to myself.  But once in a while I just have to let the “thing” out!

So, I could not resist calling out, “Cara, Cara, I am thirsty.”

As I heard my four-year old granddaughter sigh she answered me, “Noni, there is a water fountain over there.”

“I am scared and what if there are bears our there!” I replied in a whiney tone.

My smile now must be concealed or the fun would be over.

Another sigh and out she popped.  Cara walked over to the wall and pretended to get me some water.  She gave me my pretend water, I drank it down and thanked her.  Back in our tents we both went and said good night to each other, again.

A few minutes passed and I just could not stop myself from saying, “Cara, Cara, I can’t sleep and I need a story read to me.”

A bigger sigh from my neighboring camper.  By now it was beginning to be difficult to keep a straight face.  Cara, dutifully came, sat in front of my tent, and made up a story for me!

It was a wonderful story about Noni and Cara camping.  Oh yes, my granddaughter exhibits her mother’s very smart brains because at the end of the story, she put me in my place.

Cara said, “Now everyone was getting tired and Cara yawned really big.”

She yawned really big and stretched her arms out.

She continued with, ” Now, Noni was really tired and she yawned too.”

“And she went sound asleep and did not wake up until it was the morning, the end!”

I had to applaud her brilliant story.  She told me to go to sleep and not say another word until morning, so sweetly.

One more time we told each other good night and got in the tents.  A few seconds later each of us pretended to snore while moving around in our tents.  After a few minutes of snoring, Cara jumped out of her tent and declared it morning!

“It is a beautiful day!” she exclaimed.

I could only think to myself that it is a beautiful day indeed!

Of course, I had to grab Cara and give her my best Noni bear hug.  She was so much fun putting up with her Grandmother’s silliness!

A Bird

A little bird sang outside my window today.

His sweet lyrical chirp just seemed to say,

The sky is blue and the breeze is light.

Don’t be afraid of the darkness of night.

Yes, He created your cloudy days and the rains,

Because His love for you never wanes.

My heart filled with joy, as my little friend sang.

Making no room for those depressing pangs.

The sky was blue and the breeze was light.

There are those days that aren’t so bright.

So I will thank Him, in the good and the bad.

Because our Saviour created all of this for me and you,

After all He is our Heavenly Dad!

Whitney Houston, Poster Child for Addicts

My title is not a mean comment concerning Whitney Houston.  To the contrary, I believe Whitney and her life should be utilized to help others with addictions.

Here was someone who God gifted with  voice, beauty, and world fame. But beneath the surface was a soul who struggled with the addictions of this world.  She had a life we can only dream of, and yet a life few would want to dream about.  Her personal torture was equal to her fame.

Because the very cells of her being, screamed to have their addiction satiated, day in and day out.   And here was a self-proclaimed strong woman, who made her own decisions and stood by those decisions; right, wrong or even deadly.  Yet, her strength was no match for the demon that devoured her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

I believe Whitney being famous and wealthy helped the progression of her addictions and her death.  So many demonic minions will cling like barnacles to a soul, eating their way through an addict’s money and life.  All the while, singing cursed love songs in their host’s insecure ears.  They do not care if their host dies, because addict minions will move on to another and another.  Until bursting open like a blood filled tick.  For their addiction too, will end a demonic minion’s life.  You see, the sickness revolves in a never-ending circle until someone brings through or out of the ring of fire.

As a nation, shouldn’t we be as concerned about our growing number of addicts as we are about our cancer patients? Shouldn’t we bring through this ring of fire?

I also, believe sending an addict to prison is not the answer to our substance abuse problems. Now, if an addict commits a heinous crime, then yes, they are to go to jail. An addict should be sentenced to one year of rehab at a special facility. The people who should go to jail, are the doctors and the minions who perpetuate an addicts ability to abuse these substances.  Every one bears this responsibility one way or another.  Your tax dollar to build another prison, to house another addict, makes you responsible too.

My special rehab would first dry them out and then help them cope with siren which wails in their head.  Addicts can learn to be productive parts of society, if taught how and given the proper tools to face adverse situations.  A year of focusing on getting well!  Wouldn’t we do that for someone with a serious disease?

No, I am not an addict or someone with a substance abuse problem.  I have a chronic, serious disease which I fight every day to live, called Wegener’s Disease!  I found myself in the position of having to take control of my own health care. Because one day I looked up and realized my body was craving the prescriptions the doctors had given me. A prescription that was supposed to put the disease in remission.

I had to wean myself off of all of the medications and start from scratch.  Looking back, I should have been under medical care when I started the process, but I did not trust the medical profession.  It was a low time in my life and my family’s life with me, because I was one sick individual.

Now I have only two doctors and no prescriptions to counteract the effects of other prescriptions.  I use Western medications, Eastern acupuncture, and homeopathic supplements which only boost my immune system.  I utilize Yoga, meditation, prayer, and my relationship with God. I believe that in order to heal the body, you must strengthen the body, soul, and mind, and then let it take care of itself.  I do not believe the solution to healing a serious disease is to kill the body first.  I count my good days as milestones and my bad days as bumps in the road.

It took me eight years to figure things out and I still make adjustments.  Can you imagine an addict trying to figure out what to do for themselves? They can not even admit they have a serious disease.  So, we must help them by having addictions labeled as serious diseases.  They should be told they are gravely ill and it could mean the end of their life.  And instead of sending them to prison, give the a real alternative.  In the long run, society as a whole will come out the winner.

Shut Up Media! Kudos to Madonna!

The reporters and news medias are so into negativity that all they can focus on is one-act of inappropriateness at the Super Bowl Half Time Show.  And yes, it was inappropriate!  But what do you expect from someone who has been raised and groomed to throw around vulgarity as a part of their persona?

As long as these actions are approved and rewarded with fame and fortune, our youth will be raised or should I say lowered to this level of human ignorance.  The alarm clock sounded decades ago people! And you were far too into yourself to care.  Now you are older and desire a little dignity. LOL!

Madonna did a show like the Super Bowl has never, ever seen.  She raised awareness and showmanship to a new level of expertise!  You could tell every minute detail was planned, worked through and worked through again until it was as close to perfection as humanly possible.  Vegas or Broadway would proudly promote and profit from Madonna’s show!

It is a shame our news media has caught the campaign trail fever of negativity and the stomach churning activity of people bashing. I would have liked to have seen the “World Peace” sign at the end of Madonna’s show flashed across the news media’s screens. Along with an upbeat reporter singing the Star’s praises and maybe showing how many people this one show employed.

There is so much positivity to be found here. And if I were Madonna, I would be saying so!