Cinnamon Death…

Parents, Grandparents, Religious Leaders, and Educators need to know about the “Cinnamon Challenge” that has gone viral on YouTube.  It may cost your child their life!

The challenge is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon powder or try to swallow, without having any liquid for 60 seconds.

They say the effects are choking, breathing it back into your lungs, and coughing uncontrollably for 10 minutes.

Some of the other effects which are not mentioned…losing cosciousness, coma, suffocation, lungs collapsing, ventilator support, and even death.

Now, let us play devil’s advocate for a moment.  Cinnamon is a fine particle which can not be removed from the lungs once it has been sucked into them.  It will embed itself in the lining of the organ, that helps you to breathe the oxygen which sustains your life.  Also lack of oxygen can result in various levels of brain damage.  A once vibrant, college bound teen could find themselves bound in a wheelchair with someone having to completely care for them.  And what about the consequences we are now seeing from asbestos exposure.  The asbestos particles embed themselves in the lung and years later result in cancer.  Could the cinnamon particles, years down the road, cause such an irritant in the lungs which result into respiratory diseases or even cancer?  Time will tell.

But right now, we need to talk to our kids and remind them that this is just plain stupid!  I have always believed God will allow you to do stupid things which may kill you.  Remember our right to choose?  And then meet you at the pearly gates.

Friday’s Storms!

Last Friday, our heartland and south saw unusual storms.  These storms brought tornadoes that within minutes wiped out towns and lives.

And once again I heard the same agonizing question, “How can a God who loves His children allow this to happen to them?”

I will try my best to express  my opinion, as to “how” and “why” this happens.  Maybe somewhere in these words will be a minuscule morsel, which can touch a heart and help.  I believe there is a time for grief and we need to grieve in order to move forward with our lives.  I also believe that if we allow the grief to consume our lives, we will become defeated!

Know that God loves you and wants the best for you.  Why do you think He tries so hard to constantly get your attention? This world is ours, God’s fallen creations, and one day it will be His world again.  He has given us everything within it, but we have the right to make decisions concerning our lives.  And yes, He could swoop in and rectify a bad situation, but what would we learn?  Would we even want to come together and help one another?  Or would we greedily just want more of everything?

God desires us to ask Him for guidance and help in all we do.  For He knows the path our lives could take if we follow Him completely.  He also knows the path our lives will take as a result of our human decisions.  So, when bad things happen in this world, it is our decisions which make the difference.

When you see communities and churches coming together, God is present.  There are no black, no white, no Christian, no Jewish segregation; only God’s children loving and taking care of one another.  You will find men and women trying to figure out a better way to avoid nature’s fury and putting others first.  You will miraculously see enemies hugging one another and helping rebuild each other’s lives. Yes, God is there and He was there when the tornadoes demolished buildings and killed loved ones. He held them and took them home with Him!

Jesus reminds us in John 16:33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

This tells me the world and our brief moments of life are temporary.  Through the good and the bad situations we will learn endurance and with Jesus we will have peace.  When hopelessness takes over your heart and sorrow rocks your soul, Jesus will see you through to better days.  If you let Him.

So if you are feeling like Job when he said, “The churning inside me never stops; days of suffering confront me.” (Job 30:27)

Listen to what Jesus has to say, “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

When He uses the word yoke, He is saying to attach you to Him.  Jesus will take the hard stuff and give you His lighter load to carry. Wow!

He wants to hold you, rock you, take your sorrow, and more importantly love you!

If you need prayer email me.  I will add you and your sorrows to my list of prayers.