Nails Did Not Hold Jesus to the Cross

As Easter quickly approaches, if you are a Southerner, thoughts of Easter clothes and Easter lunch begin to fill your head. Tradition runs deep through-out the very fiber of who we are, in the South. Once these critical decisions have been made, I hope our thoughts will turn to Jesus. And not because He was nailed to a cross for our sins. Nor because He defeated the sleep of death, so that we too may rise from the grave to life eternal. But because of what Jesus “could have” done, “would have” done, and “should have” done.

Nails certainly did not hold Jesus to the cross! For He could have called down the powers of Heaven and removed Himself. Jesus could have shut the vicious crowd down and smite them out with a wave of His hand.  Jesus could have set Himself free.

If He did, Jesus would have left us to our own devices.  A world full of evil doomed to the eternal sleep of death.  A life lived only to end in a meaningless grave.  No hope, only worries, no real joy, only sorrow would have been our destiny.  And He should have saved Himself, for what are we but a dismal creation gone disappointingly bad?

We are the “but” of Jesus’s life.  Jesus did not save Himself, but saved us instead! God and Jesus love us!  The amount They love us is so great, that our pea-sized brains can not begin to fathom it. John 3:16 states, “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

So, if somewhere in your human faulted  brain, you think Jesus was nailed to the cross, you are so wrong.  Jesus was “loved” to the cross!

Author: jonithetentmaker

Published author of the awesome Christian children's book, "The Tent Maker". The Tent Maker blog and The Tent website is free for kids. Stories, games, coloring pages, and contests. Fun and fellowship go hand in hand, especially if it is a child's hand! My other blog, Thru The Bifocals of my Life, is my adult blog about how I see life through the bifocals that I must now wear and a little hindsight 20/20! Like everyone, I am very much human, flaws and all.

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