“Life is Service to the End” President George W Bush

Today, the George W Bush library was dedicated in Dallas, Texas.  The library was paid for by over 300,000 contributions from all fifty states.  President Bush was humble, appreciative, full of faith, and in love with America!

President GW Bush made some very moving statements concerning our country.  He said those in public office must serve a cause greater than themselves.  While reminding us that freedom is a gift from God and lights the path to peace. And then he stated, “Success of a nation reflects the character of its’ citizens.”

The last statement makes you swallow a little hard, doesn’t it? What kind of characters are we raising here in America?

We have parents that pay more attention to their gadgets, facebook, and twitter than their own children. Child abuse is such a silent crime, that it ravages an estimated 3,000,000 million children a year in the United States. And, then there is the hunger situation.  In 2010, over 9,000,000 million children went hungry in this great United States of America.

While in our schools, we can’t pray, say the Pledge of Allegiance , or talk about how the freedoms of America are unparalleled in the world! Yet, we can fund countries who are out to do us harm. And give free welfare and education to those terrorists, living right here in the USA.

Yes, what kind of characters are we raising today?

Maybe it is time to take a play from the playbook of President George W and Mrs. Bush; called servitude. They are the champions of many causes, which help this great nation. You won’t hear about it in the press’ shark pen, because it is impossible to vilify a person and then report on all of the “good” he does.  But, there are students who will go to college on the Bush’s funding and other Americans will enjoy entrepreneurship, from something they actively pursued.  President and Mrs. Bush see the nation’s success grounded in the success of our children.  They have even managed to raise two daughters, who positively contribute to our workforce, economy, and way of life!

And why have they done all of this? Because they are grounded in their Christian faith!  They truly believe and live Jesus’ commandments, ” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”  Matthew 22:35-40

Did you know that one of their causes has to do with the disease AIDS?  Here is a southern, wealthy, white family who actually travels to Africa to work with the AIDS infected black children.  They are colorblind, because they only see God’s children.  President and Mrs. Bush know that in heaven there is no room for division because of color, disease, economics, and nationality.

President George W Bush made a statement to a reporter about his retirement.  He might be retired, but he won’t stop working.  Then he said, “Life is service to the end.”

And I say, “Well done, Mr. President!”

Now, what can you do to serve the children of your community? And why have you not done it yet?  Genuine change in America will only come from action; not an Iphone, or an Android, not twitter, nor facebook, but authentic human interaction.

Service to the end!

America, Closed for Repairs!

We can always look back, gather the facts and figure out how to prevent future terrorist’s actions.  But if you are like me sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder, “Where did we go wrong in this country?”

Do we share our freedoms and way of entrepreneurial lifestyle too willingly? Why do we think we must give our country away to every foreigner who comes along?  I know Christianity teaches us that we have to share the gospel to the world, but does that mean we fling open our country’s doors and let them do whatever they want to do?

I should say not!

We allow foreign students to come here for a better education.  And grant asylum to those who declare abuse from their own country.  Yet in doing so, we set our country up to be the target! The freedoms and lifestyle of America, they so vehemently abhor, are the very ones they utilize to their advantages.  Time to close New York harbor and put a new sign on Lady Liberty.  “America is Closed for Repairs!”

It starts with immigration control or maybe I should say clamp down on immigration.  We should not allow visas for students from foreign countries for the next five years.  Those who are here, on student visas, should be found and made to leave.  Sorry, but just like when a group of children are punished for being in the group who decided to behave badly, so should it be for the foreign students.  I think we will begin to see more standing up and pointing out those who are here to do harm, too.

As for those needing asylum, they too, should have no entry into this country for five years.  There are other countries who give out asylum.  Then we need to secure our borders.  The illegals from our Mexican border, need to be put into a work and pay taxes to stay program.  After eight years of solid citizenship, they can apply to become a citizen.

Once we have control, and new effective immigration laws in place, we might begin to open our borders.  Slowly, with control, and there can be no exceptions!

What about our home-grown little terrors?  I blame a lot of it on our breakdown of the family unit and the enormous amount of poverty. We could start in our churches, synagogues, and other places of worship to create community change. What can we, as faith-based individuals, do in our communities to make a difference? Start small, like a little pebble thrown into a pond and watch the ripples get bigger and bigger. I know you see the need and probably have some ideas of your own on how to address your community’s needs.  Just do it!

We should require accountability from our legislatures, government, and leaders for the laws they are putting into effect. Expect real change and not lining their pockets, kind of change, or no re-election.  Communities can come together and make tremendous differences, not just when a tragic event captures our attention. If we try.

What can you do? Share your ideas, start a program, provide for the needy, and have pride in America again!  Then maybe, one day, America will be re-opened for business.

A Call To All Americans

My fellow Americans, I know we are now under attack by various degrees of terrorism.  But like our past dictates, instead of tearing us apart, we become unified in our cause! And now is the time for unity.

In Isaiah 54:17 we are reminded, “No weapons formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgement, You shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. And their righteousness is from Me, says the Lord.”

Put down your busy lives and get before God. Pray! Pray for guidance and wisdom in how to handle these situations. ( If you are like me, then you are pretty angry) Pray for our country. Pray for those destroyed by these acts of terrorism! Pray.

Then it is time for us to unite and show the terrorists that they will never hold us down.  Instead of cowering in a corner, our backs get straighter and our actions become focused! WE ARE AMERICANS!

To the numerous heroes in Boston.  You are blessed, as-well-as a blessing to others!  You did what you knew you had to do and thought nothing of yourself.  Jesus tells us in John 15:13, ” There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

To the terrorist, “Did you see us in action?”  “We did not run away in cowardice but ran into the battle to defend and protect!” “What have you really accomplished?” NOTHING! Because we will rally around those who were hurt and devastated at their losses, and love them back into existence.  God will be there!

I found this video on YouTube and want to share it with you! God Bless You! God Bless America!

We Are at War!

Make no mistake America, we have been at war since 9/11! Whether it be homegrown or international, we are against evil day in and day out.   I am just like you, especially when I hear one of those who are dead is an eight year old child! P.O.ed! The hairs on the back of my “red neck” are standing on end and I want to fight!

These cowards would never stand face to face in a real fight.  Evil slinks and slimes its way throughout our streets and for what?  One of the most asinine reasons ever uttered.  If the bombs at the Boston Marathon, today, are from Al Qaeda, then they are uneducated, demented, heinous forms of  human beings. If it was from a homegrown idiot, that makes it worse.

First of all, you will never ever go to heaven and have all those virgins ready to pleasure your sexual desires.  That is a lie.  Mohammed actually had a Christian wife, whom he married in a Christian ceremony, and a Jewish wife too.  Can you imagine meeting Mohammed in heaven and having to explain why you waged war against his wife’s relatives? You are so screwed.

If you are the homegrown idiot, I would start praying for your soul.  Something is wrong with your mental and reasoning capabilities. What is wrong with you and what have these innocent people and children done to you?

As an American, what can you do? Be vigilant in your every day activities. If you know someone with mental issues, make sure the right people know about them.  If you see something suspicious report it.   Stand firm in your convictions! Americans have become so politically correct that we have lost our individual empowerment!

It is time to stand up for what you believe and I believe the break down of our family unit is what has put America in this downward spiral!

I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior !

I believe God can set this country right!

I am an American and won’t put up with terrorism.

I believe in America, Home of the Free and Brave!

What do you believe in?

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President:

Why do you turn your back and a deaf ear to Americans? You appear to be punishing the people because you have not gotten your way.  The sequester is almost like, “See what happens when you don’t do what I tell you to do.”  And to close the people’s house, the White House, to visitors borders on political lunacy!

Yet you still have your multi-millionaire friends over for an expensive party, which is paid for by the very people you have now shut out.  Does ego and pride become so dominant that even you can not gauge right from wrong?  Your public persona is faltering and your popularity is waning, sir.

It is time to take a play from the new Pope’s book, humility.  You are supposed to be a servant of the people of the United States, instead you have put on the mask of dictator.  Take a step back and examine this situation from a  regular person’s point of view.  Go before the Republicans and Democrats and be the unifying factor.  Impress upon them, now is the time to put politics aside and to forget about two years from now.  They must focus on the present deficit and the poverty of our nation first.  Solve the problem and move forward!

I am sure you want to leave a legacy of greatness for your own family to be proud.  The legacy you are leaving now is one of political game playing, and ego induced demands.  Which in the eyes of the American people is a legacy of failure!  President Nixon’s daughter once made a statement about how hard it was to endure other children telling her how terrible her father was during his Presidency.  Can you imagine what your own grandchildren are going to have to go through?

Make a positive step forward, open the White House and welcome its’ people!

You find through servitude and humility, your agendas can move forward faster and with ease.  The way you are going is head-butting and posturing, which gets nowhere.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joni Berry

http://www.joniberry.com, http://www.thetentmaker.org



Hile America!

Did you know that Hitler was elected by a democracy in 1933? Of course, he went on to destroy that democracy.  Hitler disliked every form of government except his own, domination.

Today we see the same politics being heralded into America. Instead of working for the people, our leadership and representatives want to dominate us. They ravenously try to convince us that they know how to run every aspect of our lives.  With each calculated move forward, our leaders and representatives gain more ground into our lives.

There is a warning that I would like to remind our leaders and representatives about, God’s warning.  Since He has all of the real power, I believe heeding His warning might be beneficial to them.

In Ezekiel 34:20 God says, ” Therefore thus say the Lord God to them: Behold, I Myself will judge between the fat and the lean sheep. Because you have pushed with side and shoulder, butted all the weak ones with your horns, and scattered them abroad, therefore I will save My flock, they shall no longer be prey and I will judge between sheep and sheep.”

God has proven His word throughout history.  Look at the ends of the lives of Hitler, Caesar, Mussolini, Napoleon, and the list goes on.  You may prey on His children for a while but in the end it is God’s vengeance which is done.

Now, I don’t know about you and other Americans, but my backside is sore from being butted by our leaders and representatives.  And even though they will answer to God for their actions, so will we!  To sit back and do nothing makes us as guilty as them.

Start with one area of oppression and move forward.  Take the situation where the White House is not doing tours.  Numerous people have offered to pay for the White House to be reopened to its people.  And the President sits with deaf ears and a back turned toward us!

Instead he throws a lavish party where his friends, multi-millionaires, enjoyed a party of superstar entertainment and lavish food on our dime! Are you not outraged! I AM!  Flood President Obama and Congress with letters, emails, and telegrams with our demand to “OPEN THE WHITE HOUSE”.

The ball is in your court America.  We can be America, home of the free and brave or “Hile America.”