Hile America!

Did you know that Hitler was elected by a democracy in 1933? Of course, he went on to destroy that democracy.  Hitler disliked every form of government except his own, domination.

Today we see the same politics being heralded into America. Instead of working for the people, our leadership and representatives want to dominate us. They ravenously try to convince us that they know how to run every aspect of our lives.  With each calculated move forward, our leaders and representatives gain more ground into our lives.

There is a warning that I would like to remind our leaders and representatives about, God’s warning.  Since He has all of the real power, I believe heeding His warning might be beneficial to them.

In Ezekiel 34:20 God says, ” Therefore thus say the Lord God to them: Behold, I Myself will judge between the fat and the lean sheep. Because you have pushed with side and shoulder, butted all the weak ones with your horns, and scattered them abroad, therefore I will save My flock, they shall no longer be prey and I will judge between sheep and sheep.”

God has proven His word throughout history.  Look at the ends of the lives of Hitler, Caesar, Mussolini, Napoleon, and the list goes on.  You may prey on His children for a while but in the end it is God’s vengeance which is done.

Now, I don’t know about you and other Americans, but my backside is sore from being butted by our leaders and representatives.  And even though they will answer to God for their actions, so will we!  To sit back and do nothing makes us as guilty as them.

Start with one area of oppression and move forward.  Take the situation where the White House is not doing tours.  Numerous people have offered to pay for the White House to be reopened to its people.  And the President sits with deaf ears and a back turned toward us!

Instead he throws a lavish party where his friends, multi-millionaires, enjoyed a party of superstar entertainment and lavish food on our dime! Are you not outraged! I AM!  Flood President Obama and Congress with letters, emails, and telegrams with our demand to “OPEN THE WHITE HOUSE”.

The ball is in your court America.  We can be America, home of the free and brave or “Hile America.”

Author: jonithetentmaker

Published author of the awesome Christian children's book, "The Tent Maker". The Tent Maker blog and The Tent Maker.org website is free for kids. Stories, games, coloring pages, and contests. Fun and fellowship go hand in hand, especially if it is a child's hand! My other blog, Thru The Bifocals of my Life, is my adult blog about how I see life through the bifocals that I must now wear and a little hindsight 20/20! Like everyone, I am very much human, flaws and all.

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