Tele-Evangelism, The New Million Dollar Career

I have watched many tele-evangelists on the various networks over the years. Some during my channel flicking moments, and others I would actually watch. Tele-evangelists amaze me at the way they raise millions of dollars, when I have trouble selling one $8.00 children’s book. I had to study their techniques!

Now, some televangelist’s methods are straight forward, some use subliminal implications, and some are even selling products just like Amazon! You have to ask yourself, “Does this not resemble the defiled temple Jesus went to and overturned their tables of wares in anger?”  I definitely did not find an advertising method that I could utilize.  But, I did see a television studio masked as a holy temple, preaching their selected words of God.

There was one sneaky method which I could never get over, and that is the subliminal implication.  They implied if you gave your money to them; then God would reward you with more money, your life would become better, and your bald husband would grow hair.  OK, so your bald husband won’t grow hair, because that is ridiculous.  And so is their “tithing” to them, for God to reward you scheme.

Now, this is how I see it…

If God wanted someone to give money to any ministry, God would tell the person to do so. I mean He parted the Red sea, so whispering a suggestion in someone’s ear is easy. Don’t you think?

I have figured out a new method for them to use called, “the silent treatment.” During their broadcast, the Tele-Evangelists can not utter one word about donations, tithing, or buying.  They can only put a small runner at the end of the program with their website and physical address.  And, no statement of “give a donation to,” no suggestion, and no money-raising telethon either.  Leave that to Jerry Lewis!

Because, in reality, these Tele-Evangelists are limiting God.  Instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to work, they try to control the situation.  Wouldn’t it be funny if a Tele-Evangelist gets to heaven and finds out instead of twenty million, it could have been 100 billion?Makes you wonder how much money a ministry could make if they allowed the Holy Spirit to pass the plate?  And how many would cease to exist?  It would be like weeding out the rats at the garbage dump.

My belief is that if God knows their ministry is creating disciples, turning lost souls into Christians, and helping communities feed their poor and sick; then God will move the Holy Spirit into action.

So, the next time you are watching a tele-evangelist, and your life is in the pit of despair, turn the tv off!

1.   Go out and find a local bible based church.  You will know if it is the right one when the people are welcoming and non-judgemental.

2.   Find someone to pray with you, and encourage you.

3.    If you feel like you should contribute, contribute. Because you should contribute to further God’s Kingdom, not your own.


Coat of Many Colors

The last couple of weeks have been full of pot stirring and media exaggerations, over the Zimmerman trial.  Like everyone else, I too, have an opinion.  Unlike everyone else, I remember the “Civil Rights Movement” as a child, growing up during the sixties in the south.  So, I finally became fed up with the portrayals, in the media, of the big, bad white people out to get the black people. I could keep quite no longer.

An article on Huffington Post, presented an opportunity for me to express my views about these “pot stirrers” of the black community.  About how they are keeping their own race down in order to make money. And that Rev. Sharpton and Jackson, would be out of jobs if education took precedent over survival in these communities.  Because, I don’t see the situation as a black/white problem, but a human being problem.  Where profit and rich lifestyles supercedes the raising of a community out of poverty.

Did you know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s grand-daughter issued a statement? It wasn’t very popular with mainstream media, unlike Rev. Sharpton and Jackson’s rants.  Her comment said Dr. King would not have worn a hoodie, this was not about race, and every one needed to calm down. Surprise! It is a disgrace these men have established their whole careers on having been a major part of Dr. King’s Civil Rights movement. When they clearly do not understand Dr. King’s methods.

Well, I knew I had set myself up to be bombed on Huffington.  To my astonishment only one negative and the rest were “likes.” And the negative reply was from a lady who basically said all white people needed to pay for the slavery of the blacks.  And that one day soon, we would pay.  Here was someone either very hurt, a victim herself, or had been raised in a hostile home.

So,  I wanted to respond and tell her I was sorry she was so hurt.  But my relatives were not slave owners, more like poor farmers. And, if we all had the same mindset as her; then the Egyptians and Romans, who did enslave my relatives, should also pay.

I decided it best not to reply.

With the subject still on my heart, this came to my mind…


Zimmerman Trial Pot Stirrers Take Heed

In America, we have media outlets and prominent individuals, who exploit a criminal trial to elevate the situation into a black against white race issue.  Racism is their battle cry and trying to kill our young is their motto.  We observe angry, supposedly well-educated, black men raising their voices and lending their faces to every media outlet who will display them.

If these individuals are as well-educated as they claim to be; then maybe they have heard of another well-educated, black man who championed the Civil Rights Movement.  And know of his disdain over such demoralizing behavior!

Let me remind you of this great man…

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. realized that force and violence would only serve to make his race look ignorant.  It would prove every bigot’s racist point of view concerning the black community.  And he also knew how God felt.  Dr. King utilized nonviolent, civil disobedience to bring the issues to the public and did more for the Civil Rights Movement than anyone else has since then.

Now to understand the Zimmerman trial, I believe you have to understand the people of their community.  A community wrought with crime and integrated with black, white, and hispanics.  You see, poverty has no color, only a location.

What happens, in these communities, is that the children learn the number one rule, which is survival!  It is not about education, bettering their lives, or even getting out of there. They are too busy worrying about having food to eat, can they keep the electricity on, and will they have running water? Survival.

And so, when a man sees a teen walking around at night, the man suspects the worse of the teen.  You see the man is also about survival and protecting the property that he has worked so hard to give his family.  Thus ensued a horrendous tragedy which not only affects the two men, and their families; but a community.

My suggestion to the “pot stirrers” is not to allow Treyvon’s death be a war cry but a peace cry! Do not turn this young man’s life and death into more violence, but a call to action for community change.  This could be your call to establish a blueprint of peace, which other American communities can emulate.

Or you can keep ranting like a madman, who will one day have to stand before the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.  But will Jesus stand in front of you and be your intercessor before God? Remember Jesus walked with the poor, whores, lepers, and thieves of His time.  He saw the worst of the worst and still, He loves them!  In Matthew 5:9, we are told:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

What will you be called when this trial is over, no matter the outcome?



Shame on St. Louis Cardinal’s Management!

Someone complained about the cross and fish symbol that the ground’s crew drew on the pitcher’s mound every game.  The cross and fish symbol were put there to honor one of the greatest St. Louis baseball players named, Stan Musial.  A devout Catholic, who was married 72 years until his wife’s death.  Musial was honored numerous times for his on the field playing and his off the field life.  President Obama even gave Stan Musial  the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in 2011.  Women, I want you to read this carefully…Stan Musial instigated the baseball club having in-house babysitting, so the wives could attend the games.  Now, that keeps the baseball groupies away and keeps the families solid.

So, I have several questions for you the reader, the Cardinal’s management, and the players…

1.  Management, is every decision made on your being politically correct or do you have coconuts of your own, to stand up for what is right?  Like honoring a player, who not only gave so much to baseball, but to America.  Without him, you might not be where you are today: i.e. raking in the big bucks.

2.  Cardinal players, is there not one Christian among you who can fearlessly stand up for what is righteous, instead of cowering under the “rule makers?”  Jesus stood against the rule makers, and then died for YOUR sins, not His!

3. Readers, or more importantly, St. Louis Cardinal’s Christian fans, I want to know where are you?  If you want to open management’s eyes, use your buying power and stop their money flow. A good hit to the wallet might be the only impression which will resonate with the Cardinal’s management. What if Jesus had waited on someone else to step up and be nailed to the cross for Him?  There would be no eternity, no hope, and no love. What are you waiting for?

This about respect, not religion.  The person who complained probably has attributes which I would not like.  So, does that mean if his t-shirt is offensive to me, that I can ask for it to be removed in my presence.  Or maybe he is offensive.  Management will you remove him from my presence?  What if I am the one who buys more tickets, boxes, or spends more money with the organization than he does?  Is my wish, your command? Remember to get respect, you must first give respect.  And I would say Cardinal’s management just struck out, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, and the score is 2 -1 in the opponent’s favor.

Where do you stand?

I stand here with my cross and my fish symbol!  And if you don’t like it, you can complain all you want! In one ear and out the other, because I am God’s hard-headed child. But, you will not see me disrespect another human being.  Especially one, who gave so much of himself to help others.

Put the cross and fish back on the mound!  If someone is offended they can close their eyes until the dusty dirt has covered the symbols.  Or just grow up, ignore it, and enjoy the game.



We want our Freedom! And as Americans, we stand on the usage of this word in almost everything that we do.  Because we are Americans.

Our country was founded by those looking for a new life.  Some were seeking the great adventure of an unexplored land, some were seeking asylum from oppression and poverty, and some were forced to be here.  But the thread which held us and still holds us together, is the hope of something better in our lives by our own choosing.

On July the fourth, we will come together as a nation, putting differences aside, and proudly waving our flags.  We will honor those who have fought and continue to fight, to keep our land free from foreign invasion. And tell our children how fortunate they are to be living in America.

But before America was even thought of, there was another, who fought for the freedom of the people of the world.  Another, who hated the rule makers, who tried to manipulate the people into their way of life.  Another, who spoke of true love for all and walked in the unclean places with their unclean citizens.  Another, who was called Jesus Christ.

Jesus saw hope in the poverty stricken, the whores, the slums, the lepers, and especially the sinners.  He hated the rule makers of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, i.e. the big government of His day.  Jesus believed in the people, even in those who did not believe in Him. And He still does.

Jesus knew that no one wants to born into poverty, no child dreams of growing up to be a whore or a criminal.  No one wants to have disease debilitate their lives. And these are true facts today.  Jesus came to show love, to give love, and to teach us how to love each other!  It was this same spirit of love, which encouraged the politicians of the 1950s’ to put “In God We Trust,”  on our money.  People helping people to realize their American dream of Freedom, and believing in something bigger than ourselves!

America has traveled down a bumpy, hole pitted road since then and sometimes we have accomplished great strides forward.  While other times, we appeared to go backwards. But all the while, we have still been Americans.

So, this fourth of July, let’s ignite the American spirit again! We can do it one American at a time. And you don’t have to do any great feat or shell out large amounts of money either. Just take a look around the community where you live and find someone to help. I don’t need to make a list of suggestions because you know what to do.  Follow your heart!  It will lead you down the right path.

Mark 2:7

New Living Translation (©2007)
When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor–sick people do. I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.”