Coat of Many Colors

The last couple of weeks have been full of pot stirring and media exaggerations, over the Zimmerman trial.  Like everyone else, I too, have an opinion.  Unlike everyone else, I remember the “Civil Rights Movement” as a child, growing up during the sixties in the south.  So, I finally became fed up with the portrayals, in the media, of the big, bad white people out to get the black people. I could keep quite no longer.

An article on Huffington Post, presented an opportunity for me to express my views about these “pot stirrers” of the black community.  About how they are keeping their own race down in order to make money. And that Rev. Sharpton and Jackson, would be out of jobs if education took precedent over survival in these communities.  Because, I don’t see the situation as a black/white problem, but a human being problem.  Where profit and rich lifestyles supercedes the raising of a community out of poverty.

Did you know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s grand-daughter issued a statement? It wasn’t very popular with mainstream media, unlike Rev. Sharpton and Jackson’s rants.  Her comment said Dr. King would not have worn a hoodie, this was not about race, and every one needed to calm down. Surprise! It is a disgrace these men have established their whole careers on having been a major part of Dr. King’s Civil Rights movement. When they clearly do not understand Dr. King’s methods.

Well, I knew I had set myself up to be bombed on Huffington.  To my astonishment only one negative and the rest were “likes.” And the negative reply was from a lady who basically said all white people needed to pay for the slavery of the blacks.  And that one day soon, we would pay.  Here was someone either very hurt, a victim herself, or had been raised in a hostile home.

So,  I wanted to respond and tell her I was sorry she was so hurt.  But my relatives were not slave owners, more like poor farmers. And, if we all had the same mindset as her; then the Egyptians and Romans, who did enslave my relatives, should also pay.

I decided it best not to reply.

With the subject still on my heart, this came to my mind…


Author: jonithetentmaker

Published author of the awesome Christian children's book, "The Tent Maker". The Tent Maker blog and The Tent website is free for kids. Stories, games, coloring pages, and contests. Fun and fellowship go hand in hand, especially if it is a child's hand! My other blog, Thru The Bifocals of my Life, is my adult blog about how I see life through the bifocals that I must now wear and a little hindsight 20/20! Like everyone, I am very much human, flaws and all.

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