Snoozing Christians Assist Atheism Success!

What do you do when you feel like your own Christian religion has gone to sleep? How do you wake the slumber of apathy and mediocrity? And, how do you shake the nuts loose and keep the fruit?

I wish I knew the answers.  For we are a fallen, dying world unable to save ourselves and too stubborn to cling to the One who can truly save us.  We judge without wanting to be judged and we persecute others, with our noses lifted high in an air of righteousness. While hiding our sins within the back alleys of our life.

Jesus once said that you would know us Christians by our love for one another, and our love for our fellow-man. Except now, the Christian world is really a mask of contradictions. Our places of worship have become social cliques filled with religious rhetoric. And, if we can’t recognize ourselves, how can we expect our Melennial youth to know us?

We talk about change and walk in the opposite direction. So now, our Melennial youth are running straight into the arms of Atheism.  Atheists offer them acceptance and truth based on their science. The pressures of an already over-stressed world appear non-existent in the Atheist realm of no beliefs.

Our Melennial youth would rather believe we are accidents of a primordial soup, than to believe we are God’s intricate design. They would rather believe in a life ending in nothingness, than an eternal life of love and bliss.  While the Melennial youth are enticed by the power, control, and ego, which are offered in the Atheist’s world; the end of their lives and generation will be a victory for Satan.

Are we truly satisfied that we have given the Melennial generation a legacy of instant information, instant gratification, and gadgets to build their future? We molded their worlds into the shape of their desires and wants. And made them responsible for nothing. Can we expect less, if Melennial youth want their religion molded the same way too?

So, when they turn to Atheism and not Jesus Christ, whom do we blame?

The alarm clock is ringing!


Author: jonithetentmaker

Published author of the awesome Christian children's book, "The Tent Maker". The Tent Maker blog and The Tent website is free for kids. Stories, games, coloring pages, and contests. Fun and fellowship go hand in hand, especially if it is a child's hand! My other blog, Thru The Bifocals of my Life, is my adult blog about how I see life through the bifocals that I must now wear and a little hindsight 20/20! Like everyone, I am very much human, flaws and all.

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