Let Me Tell You A Story

Easter is fast approaching and it is the important holiday in a Christian’s life!  The commercialism of Easter can be overwhelming at times, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “Bunny on the Shelf” for sale.  But when I think about Easter’s past, I think about the importance of the family gatherings.

My hindsight eye takes me back to a large table, and Easter Sunday dinner.  The table is filled with relatives like Grandparents, great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and family friends.  Once the conversation got past the “My you have grown” discussions, then the really interesting family escapades began to be told!

As I would sit and listen, I quickly found out who I resembled with my stubborn attitude.  And why I was a lot like two of my favorite great Aunts.  One who had an eccentric, I mean an exceptional taste for clothes like me and another who was a Librarian. Could this be where my love of books and writing came?Suddenly my family’s history began to unfold. I could visualize an intricate root system made from story telling, farming, mill work, coal mines, dance, books, and fishing.  And why I felt more comfortable with one type of church service as compared to another.  This was and is my root system!

It took me much longer though, to realize that the biggest root in my system is God.  He was the One who saved me from myself and brought me back from the ashes!  God proved to me that my life is so much better because of Him.

My friends, our young people of today need to realize God should be the anchor of their tree. Secure in the fact that they can’t be yanked out of the ground by any fad, unsavory situation, or person. Common ground with our relatives, parents and God, is the only way to secure the lives of our children.  And common ground is found through the telling of our stories, His story.

Start by explaining the importance of God in your life and when you first met Him.  Raise God from the bible and plant Him in the foundation of your family’s lives.

So, this Easter try something different.  Set a table with crosses, beautiful flowers, and maybe a seat at the head of the table for Jesus.  It may look funny, but it might change the dinner conversation.  Ask everyone to leave their cell phones, Ipads, Kindles, and other devices in the next room.  I am sure an hour without them won’t cause too much psychological  damage.  And talk, ask the elders questions, and listen!

Here are some suggestions…

Was our family originally Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical, or Protestant?

What was church like back then; i.e. Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Music?

What was your favorite part about your church?

When did you accept Jesus into your life?

How have you seen Jesus working in your life throughout the years?

In Psalm 78:4 we are told, “We must not hide them from our children, but must tell a future generation the praise of the Lord, His Might, and the wonderful works He has performed.”

Jesus is here!  God is here! Keep Them alive for your children’s sake. Tell your story.