Marriage, Anniversaries, and Keeping the “D” Word Away!

Today is a very important day in my life.  It is mine and Buddy’s (my husband) 21st wedding anniversary!

And after all these years together, I can not imagine finishing the rest of my life with anyone else.

We have had good years, exceptional years, and years that I thought were going to tear us apart.  But when I look back, I realize it was the “firing”process which melded us into “two becoming one.”

Let me tell you, God has been exceptionally kind to us and showered many blessings upon our lives.  He also molded us, cracked us, and reconstructed us again.  You see to truly become a new creation, you must first be broken, and rebuilt.  And in a Christian marriage, God must remove your worldly blinders so you can see the true treasure standing by your side!

Now, if you think love is about the tingling sensations and the outer beauty of the person in front of your eyes. You have been hood winked by the world. Because the truth is, love is about rolling around in the mud and muck of life together, having each other’s backs, helping each other with their dreams, and at the end of the day…shutting the door on the whole world! Remember “two becoming one” statement?

Oh, I can hear the sarcasm in your voice asking me, “What makes your marriage so special and you an authority on marriage?”

Only God is the real authority on marriage. And for every marriage self help book you can read, there is a bible verse relating to your situation. I have personally researched it.

As for myself, I can tell you what works for us. So, I will share with you, some of my most cherished reasons for why our marriage works.

Our marriage motors down life’s road because of his yin to my yang. We are the perfect puzzle pieces.

We constantly find ourselves laughing with each other and at our own selves.  

Buddy and I remember to accept each other’s weaknesses and to ask forgiveness as well as to forgive.

We remind each other that we are in this marriage for life!

The one important question we ask the other one is,  “Did I tell you that I love you, today?”

Oh yes, we smile a lot at each other and hold hands!

The rest is only stuff, life lessons you learn along the way. Our marriage is not perfect and there is not a single earthly plan which makes a marriage work. The best architect to hire for your marriage is God! He builds them on solid rocks and nurtures them like a gardener tending to a prize rose.

God gave Buddy to me and me to Buddy! A perfect gift we will share throughout eternity!

I pray God will bless you with your perfect gift, for traveling through life!

Patriot’s Cheating Lead to Questionable Talent Within the Game of Football!

The New England Patriot’s Football Organization have opened the door to question whether their players actually do have the skills required to be professional athletes. Because when someone resorts to cheating, it displays a lack of confidence and when the cheating comes from a coach, it emphasizes a known weakness!

Just like the Titanic was unsinkable; until a vulnerable point was gnashed open and sent the Titanic to the bottom of the sea.  The New England Patriot’s staff has thrown a floodlight on their deficit of talent to actually win a playoff honorably!  Whereas if they truly thought they could win with the aptness of their players and the intelligence of their strategy, there would not have been a need for an under inflated ball.

Now is the time for the fans to call upon the Football Commission to take off its blinders and do what is right concerning the situation! Football requires a re-boot back to the purer form of play and sportsmanship.  We, the fans, need to demand it! Because it is our ticket and merchandise purchases that create their payroll and inserts millions or billions of dollars in the owners pockets!

What we may see is a slap on the wrist, considering it is the corporate money which is securely wrapped around the Football Commission’s “Senator Packwood.”  This type of associated disease causes inactivity,  a turning of the head, and a biting of the tongue.

If I were a part of the Football Commission, I would ensue the following punishment.

1. A fine of ten million dollars. Paid to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

2. The Colts go to the Super Bowl 2015.  The Patriots can not be in a playoff for the next two years.

3.  No draft pick for two years.

4.  Patriot’s players can not be traded off the team for two years.

The pain inflicted on everyone will ensure the future of football returning to an honorable playing field!  Coaches, players, staff, and owners will realize they are where they are in life because of the fans.  This should keep future cheating possibilities down to a minimum.

I love the words of Carrie Underwood’s song, “Before He Cheats,” after she has shown him what cheating returns back to his life!


Does Anyone Still “Have A Dream?”

Dr. King was a man made of flesh and blood, just like you and me. He had all the human characteristics that we possess and even the failings. But he had a dream!

“I still have a dream; a dream deeply rooted in the American Dream -one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, “We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men will be created equal.”

Where have our dreamers gone Dr. King?

We have plenty of pot stirrers and carpetbaggers (a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist).

Our dreamers and dreams have become worldly, yet we are not of this world. We are part of an eternal world where there is no black, white, Asian, American, Mexican, etc. So, why can we not have those same qualities here?

Because as long as good exists, so does evil! The opportunists, terrorists, and division mongers have only this short time on earth to create hate, murder, harm, and chaos.

And the rest of us have either gone to sleep or become just plain lazy!

Instead of raising our young full of hope, and dreams, we want standardize them. We want to hole them up inside, drilling facts and figures through their heads. We want others to raise them or medicate them to the point of

When you sit back and wonder how can a nation of immense hope, be one of violence and division? How can terrorism become rooted in our foundations?

Because we have no dreamers today, whose hope and values are based upon their love of Jesus Christ!

We have plenty of carpetbaggers and the pot has been stirred to the point of an angry mush!

What can we do?

We need to have a dream. You need to have a dream!