A Reason to Steal (Baltimore, Maryland; It Ain’t a Color Thing!)

changeOnce again riots have erupted over the mistreatment of another human being.  These rioters intentions are not honorable, only self-serving.  For, if they truly believe a great injustice has been done, they would devise a logical, peaceful plan; and present it before their local and state government.

Once again riots have erupted over the mistreatment of another human being.  These rioters intentions are not honorable, only self-serving.  For, if they truly believe a great injustice has been done, they would devise a logical, peaceful plan; and present it before their local and state government.

No, the evil inside of them sees an open door for destruction and stealing! And sad to say, most of their leaders like Sharpton and Jackson are vainglorious. Wrapped up in their own egocentric plans. Their only examples of how to behave in tumultuous situations, come from other devious individuals.

I would like to ask the rioters, “Where are you (rioters) when thousands of Christians, (black, white, indian, asian) are being exterminated across the world? Your “black” brothers/sisters are being killed through gross mistreatment; i.e. beaten, tortured, and beheaded. While your own country’s leaders just turn a blind eye toward it.”

“Will you take to the streets to march for justice for them too?”

Oh, yes, I must remember that would not serve your selfish purpose.

Do I hear crickets?

Because the color of someone’s skin should not be the reason, for the cry for justice. The cry for justice should be, because of the injustice toward any and every human being!  And, a rioters only objective is to stir up added destruction, like a tornado ripping through the land. The path to equality, is for everyone to work toward a peaceful, unified goal.

The bible, tells me what will happen if I take matters into my own hands. And since I fear God, His words cause me to pause before  running out to take advantage of a fiery situation. It might be something you would like to know, too.

In Genesis 9:6 it says,“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in His own image.”

So when you flip someone off, cuss someone out, assault someone, or loot property; you are directing the action toward the image of God or God. And, God says that He will not let it go unnoticed either.

Genesis 9:5, “And for your lifeblood I will demand an accounting. I will demand an accounting from every animal. And from each human being, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of another human being.”

God has just told me and you, that your actions will have a boomerang effect on you, your family, and your home. Without asking forgiveness and changing our ways, we will never know peace in our lives. Who wants to wake up one day and ask how did I get here?  In a bad way.

Not me!

Be the voice of a Godly man or woman! Our communities need someone to rise up, and speak truth and peace back into the people’s lives. Take the opportunity to be real change!

And if you need something to say, write this down and put it in your pocket to recite.

In the great words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (a Godly man.)

 “We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear… That old law about “an eye for an eye” leaves everybody blind… The time is always right to do the right thing… Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

 Because if the color of your skin is the basis of your life, you will endure great pains and struggles. God says we are to have no other God except Him. So, don’t make the color of your skin, god of your life. The real and only God is waiting for you!


Mothers (Strange, Estranged, and Maybe Deranged)

With Mother’s day coming up in May, I started thinking about Mothers in general. I came to the conclusion that most mothers do the very best they can, with what they have. The circumstances they are in, and the knowledge they received during their growing years, will dictate how they mother.

Some mothers have had a wonderful upbringing in a Christian family, with a church, friends, and a college education. Others may have had part of an involvement within these parameters, and yet more still have had none of these exposures. And, I believe it is because our society has put Jesus in the back seat and worldly living in the front. So, we find ourselves drifting further away from the solid family unit. Families are no longer families, just groups of people living together.

Over my own growing years and now, I have known families who were and are estranged from one another. The reasoning for the alienation may seem legitimate to all of those involved, but usually it is not. This brings a great sadness to my heart.   Because we seem to be able to forgive and grant mercy to people we barely know, but when it comes to the ones closest to us, we can not.

Christians can be so hypocritical, claiming to be Christians and going to church on Sundays. Yet we don’t follow Jesus’ commandment of loving others as He loves us. How are family members any different from strangers? And if we can’t follow Jesus’ commandment, why are we even in church?

Sometimes I am appalled when I look more closely to their “reason.” The lack of maturity and a self-centered way of life appears to be the main road block to reconciliation. And when a grown up adult acts like a spoiled brat, you can be assured Jesus has now been thrown into the trunk! How can we be so smug as to think this world runs according to our expectations?

So, remember this…We all have numbered days we are allowed to travel in this world.  We may only have 1095 days (3 yrs) or 30,314 days (83 yrs); or today could be your last! Mothers and fathers, do not live forever, and neither do our children. And resentment is the stuff graves are made for, to assist deep regret and even deeper mourning.

We, mothers and grandmothers, are not perfect! Are you?  For if we could make the correct decision at the appropriate time, say the right words when needed, and live our lives in a pristine, impeccable environment; there would be no need for Jesus or God.

The human race would know no conflict, hatred, abuse, bigotry, labeling, and tragedy. Yet we do!  And the only way to change your life; your relationships, and the world, is with forgiveness.

With Mother’s Day approaching, see your mother through the eyes of compassion.  Be grateful you had a mother, and step out in love to mend or make better the relationship.  Now is not too late, but tomorrow may be.

I know when we are younger, we think we know so much more than our parents. But do we? For life experience appears to trump learned experience every time. Remember that it is hard to say “I love you,” or “I forgive you,” or even “please forgive me,” to a mound of grass and cold headstone!

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Humans: The New Caged Animal


Have you ever felt like a tiger in a cage? Pacing back and forth, panting, and frantically searching for a way to escape? I know there have been moments in my life, and even years, where I felt like that pacing tiger.

We, humans, may not have a cage made of metal bars with a huge black lock on the door.  But sometimes our life’s circumstances help us to build the bars around us one by one.  Until we resemble a trapped animal.

There was a French painter, Daumier, who was very talented.  Instead of painting from his heart, he painted what he knew would sell. When his friends called him out on it, he would say, “One must be of one’s time.” Well another one of his colleagues asked Daumier, after he made this remark, “What if one’s time is wrong?”

What if one’s time is wrong?

What if all of the stuff that has been saturated into the pores of our very being, is wrong and destructive for us? Americans have been so hypnotized  by the next big thing and “gotta have it” attitudes,  that we have walled ourselves into a cage with iron bars.

True happiness is not about what the news media and commercials  pound into your brain.  True happiness is about knowing God’s love and grace for you.

My favorite bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God is a loving God, who wants to meet you where you are in your life.  And then He wants to guide your life with His Holy Spirit deep inside of you, and constant communication!

Now, His plans may not include you being a millionaire. But, each of us have a purpose in this life and it is for God’s good!

And for our own good!

So, where do we start?

I think you have to start from a place of love and hope. And the only way I get to that place, is to allow God to work through me. Realizing that all humans are God’s children and treat them with the respect they deserve.  Even if they don’t reciprocate the same to me.

I believe I need to talk to God every morning. Spend time in His presence and not allow the “religion rituals” creep into our time. Sometimes that means, I have to get up earlier each day.  Because when I don’t, I lose me, the child of God.  I become angry with the world and get aggravated when things don’t go my way.  I start building the bars around me and believe what the world tells me is right.

How would someone take down their bars?

I can only offer my opinion.

Start each day thirty minutes earlier. Sit in a quiet place and begin your conversation with God! Remember you are His child, whom He loves, adores, and wants the very best in life.

Also, I have found a site, which I believe has one of the best explanations of the Be Attitudes that Jesus gave us, from His Sermon on the Mount.  Read it over and over again until they are pressed upon your heart. This will also help you to take down those bars. Transform your world and the world around you!


Then, one day you will look out upon your world and realize the bars are gone!

And God is truly inside your spiritual house!

Peace and Love!

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Friday, 3 April AD 33

This is the date of Jesus’ crucifixion according to the Apostle Paul.  We now call it Good Friday.  Yet I can not see what is so good about my Savior being beaten, abandoned, and crucified.

Some Christian churches put up eight crosses along a path, for their members to walk, pray, and meditate on the events of that terrible day, during the Easter season.  It allows us an opportunity to reflect on exactly how much was given for mankind. I also believe it does your soul good to humble yourself from time to time.  And realize we are but a small spec on the face of this earth, blessed by a loving God! Without Him there would be no “us.”

In Jerusalem the Via Dolorosa or the Way of Sorrow is believed to be the original path Jesus walked to His crucifixion. There will be a lot of Christians walking that same path on Good Friday, stopping at each station to pray.  Can you imagine walking the same dirt path, stopping, and realizing that this is where Jesus stopped? Maybe He leaned His hand against a wall to steady Himself, knowing the horror He was about to endure.

So, I thought I would post an Internet Via Dolorosa this year,  for those unable to find or go to a location with the crosses.  The Catholic church has 14 stations but only 8 are verified in scripture. And, since I am a Christian and not a Catholic Christian, there will be only eight.

If you are wondering what to pray? Say thank you; and then sit, be still, and wait on God to talk to you! Which is hard for me, cause I love to talk…especially to God! But once I start reflecting on the crucifixion, the sorrow burdens my heart, and closes my mouth. Thank you Lord for small blessings!

The Via Dolorosa 


cross2 cross3 Cross 4 cross 5 6th cross 7 cross cross 8

This Sunday is a new day for your life to begin again. Actually the bible tells us that each day is a new chance to start over! But sometimes we need an extra cleaning by His blood to begin anew.

May God Bless You during this time in your life. May He heal you of all of your wounds. May God show you how to come to Him and find true peace and love! Amen!