My President Saddens Me (Thinks He Knows Churches)

President Obama, once again, has shown his lack of knowledge with what is happening in America. The other day our President decided to deflect the problems of this nation onto another group of Americans.  He said the churches should stop focusing on abortion, and start focusing on the poverty.

Maybe he is subconsciously telling that he does know the real problems in America.  Yet, since our President, has no idea of how to fix it; he and his constituents lead the nation down another path. The easier path to nowhere!

Because you have to ask, “When was the last time you were in a Christian church, Mr. President?”

“And were you there to worship God and join in with the numerous groups who do feed the poor of their communities?”

“How can you make a statement concerning the actions of churches, when you have no clue as to what goes on in Christian churches?”

You see, Mr. President, Senators, and Representatives; the problems you have created in this country have become so enormous that the churches do not have a large enough mop to clean them up!

And once again, I come back to my biggest disappointment in our President.  Here was a man who had the opportunity to bring fruition to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream. And instead, he chose to do the exact opposite! Maybe that is the legacy he desired to leave behind. America in ashes.

As disappointed as I am in our President and elected representatives, they can’t take all of the blame. Because we, the people, chose them to be our leaders! Americans wake up, our country is drowning!

Probably one of our last chances to turn this country around is going to be the next elections. I do not believe there is one politician who is running, who is worthy of the position!  Stop electing career politicians.

I do believe there is one ordinary man, who would do the job.  Because he is not in it for his own personal gain and does not need it to be his career.  When I go to vote, it will be for Dr. Ben Carson and the others who throw in with him! He may not be a politician, but he truly cares for America and Americans.

So here I go again…America needs a revival! And the best place to start one, is in our churches! We have to walk the walk anew, and stop talking about it.


Author: jonithetentmaker

Published author of the awesome Christian children's book, "The Tent Maker". The Tent Maker blog and The Tent website is free for kids. Stories, games, coloring pages, and contests. Fun and fellowship go hand in hand, especially if it is a child's hand! My other blog, Thru The Bifocals of my Life, is my adult blog about how I see life through the bifocals that I must now wear and a little hindsight 20/20! Like everyone, I am very much human, flaws and all.

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