Do You Worship The Confederate Flag? (And not God?)

I was born and raised in South Carolina during a time when the atmosphere of the sixties tried to overshadow the faith of the land.  Civil Rights was not just something talked about, but something deeply felt within every Southerner; black or white.

And now at 53 years of age, I believe it is time to put the Confederate Flag in a museum. For me, it was an easy decision, because first I went to my knees and discussed it with my Lord and Savior. For, I am not smart enough to lean on my own understanding.

You see, my bible, warns me time and again, not to worship worldly things or put more value into them than in my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Because, a human can take something symbolic and turn it into a myth or a god, without really meaning to do so. And that is exactly what we have done with the Confederate Flag.

The pride, heritage, honor, and loyalty runs deep within our veins, not in a piece of cloth.  God blessed us to be born and raised in South Carolina, and to Him must be all of the glory!  Not a piece of history.

For to always look to the past is to stagnate our future; and we may end up a pillar of salt! And there goes my blood pressure.

Seriously, South Carolina has endured decades of a depressed economy and she deserves a better future. Don’t hold her back, think about  our children, grand-children, and great grand-children’s future. For if you wrap your soul in the cross bars of the Confederate Flag, it will not give you Grace and Humility. But prideful ignorance.

So,  if you still feel that you can not give up a historical symbol, and I am a babbling idiot, ask God. Be brave enough to ask God to show you if you have made The Confederate Flag your worship and not Him.  Are you afraid to ask Him, yet prideful enough to fight for a symbol of man? Go ahead…ask!

The successful future of South Carolina is on the tipping point of the scale. Push her over! Free South Carolina from the burdens of her past, and lift her up to successes of her future!

Just in case you ask…I am a Christian whose skin is white.

1 John 2:15-17 ESV “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.”


Changing Your Sex is Not an Award (Self Sacrifice is the True Hero)

Ok, I tried to keep quiet about Bruce Jenner’s gender change, because as a Christian it is not my right to judge his life.  I have not walked in his privileged shoes nor do I understand his personal issues. But I can not keep quiet when it comes to awarding someone for a self-serving act and not a self-sacrificing one.

I do not care if Mr. Jenner wants to be a monkey and have a tail installed on his rear-end.  Instead I find myself a little angry though that he can call himself a woman! And even more angrier that he would receive an award for it.

Until Bruce Jenner has had his penis removed and a cavern inserted with all the amenities, he is not a woman.  Until he knows the pain, for 70% of his life, of having a period every month, he is not a woman. Until he knows what it is like to carry a child in your womb, to lose a child from your womb, or to not be able to have a child in your womb; he is not a woman. Until he has the raging hormones of menopause and hot flashes that would turn a city to ashes; he is not a woman.

There is more to being a woman than to have a plastic surgeon turn you into one of the Stepford wives. There is more to being a woman than to have a hair stylist, a makeup artist, and the right lighting to prepare you for a day. There is more to being a woman, than a celebrity with all the money you could ever want and a lifestyle of dreams. And since when was changing from male to female an award-winning event?  At least not in my Olympics.

If you want to know a real woman…

Just ask the single mother, who is working two jobs, juggling the kids and their activities; and at the end of the day can’t keep the electricity on in their house!  Or the married mother, working side by side with her husband to give their children the American dream.  Or the single working woman, excelling in her job, paving the way for other women.

Or better yet Mr. Jenner, ask our military women, who have lost their lives, limbs, and future securing this country so you can have your plastic surgeon; instead of an execution, like other countries do. These real women would love to have a plastic surgeon put them back together, except the cost is more than their disability can afford. And I am sure they would love an award for being only a woman.

America, you amaze me. Just when I thought things could not get more absurd or sink any lower…they do. You now want to give an award to a self-serving, ego maniac, spot light grabbing individual.  In case you did not know it, a trip to the plastic surgeon and hormone specialist does not make you a hero.  I feel pity for Mr. Jenner and his life. I feel pity for his family. But I do not feel that he deserves an award.

Just so you do know, allow me to list a few people who do deserve awards.

These are SELF SACRIFICING individuals.

The firemen, fire-women, policemen, police women; who rushed into the Twin Towers as they were falling down.

Our military men and women who put their lives on the line everyday so we can live freely and choose to be a man or a woman.

Our Government servants, fire, police, medical personnel, and those who work behind them (dispatchers, secretaries, assistants, janitors), dealing every day with a hostile public.

Real religious men and women feeding our poor, aiding our elderly, and praying for a better world.

Teachers who aren’t paid enough to buy groceries for their own families. Yet still educating a group a disrespectful, spoiled brats who try to ruin education for everyone else.

America, if you want a hero, please don’t look to Hollywood!

And Mr. Jenner… I know you will prostitute your sex change for all of the money that can be squeezed out of it, but please don’t stain this country by accepting an award. As-a-matter-of-fact, I think you should return any accolades you received from your Olympic career. Because as you say, you are a woman, and a man named Bruce Jenner won them!



Birthdays Should Be National Holidays. (Loud, Proud, and Off-Key)

With the birthday of my oldest child coming up in July, thirty-three years is the illusion of the blink of an eye. From her very first birthday until she left our home to be married, we celebrated her birthdays and her brother’s birthdays like they were national holidays! And in my opinion, they should have been.

I still can not believe how blessed I am to have children and grandchildren. You know, children do not ask to be born, we make that decision. And the responsibility of loving and raising children, takes on a whole new element of accountability for the parent. At least it should.

I think birthdays are great milestones in our lives and the lives of people we love. God has blessed us with another 365 days to be on this earth. He may not give us the next 365.

So, I wanted my children to know how much their birth and another year of being together meant to me. When they woke up on their “day,” our kitchen and eat-in area, and sometimes other areas of the house, were decorated with banners, streamers, balloon, hats etc. In the younger years, we tried to make the parties special events to share with family and friends.

But the Pièce De Résistance, was their cake! It usually had something to do with their interests at the time. My oldest had lost her tooth one year, so I found a cake maker who put her picture on it with her tooth-missing smile! And then there were the HeMan and Yugioh cakes that the boys had for their day.

Yes, everything represented them and what they enjoyed doing. And when it was time to light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday!” Oh, boy did I sing!

I sang loud, proud, and very, very off-key. For I can not sing. God gave me the creative gift to write and dance, but not to sing.  My toe shoes were my instrument, like a guitar is the instrument of a musician. Well, that did not matter to me, I wanted God and the angels to know how thankful I was for my child!

For the bible says to make a joyful noise to the Lord. It does not say, “only if you can do it perfectly and on key.”  Even though we are all broken and imperfect,  God wants to know that we are happy and full of love. So, I am sure He forgives those of us who praise Him in a not so perfect tone!

Now that my children have grown, my praise for them having another birthday is found within my daily prayers. On their special day, my prayers are a little longer as I list how grateful I am for them and their accomplishments in life. And I still sing, “Happy Birthday” loud and proud, deep within my heart!

I want God and the Angels to know I am thankful here on earth until I can tell them face to face!