I Am Wrong! (Put the Confederate Flag Back Up!)

When the Governor of SC made her case for the removal of the Confederate Flag, from the State Capitol; I found myself agreeing with her.  Her speech was from the heart and so eloquently delivered,  that I thought maybe it was time for change.

Now after the events of the subsequent weeks, I must emphatically state, “I was wrong!”

Please allow me the opportunity to explain my flip-flop on this very emotional decision as a Southerner.

Some facts you should know before starting my explanation…

America was established with two main goals:

1. Freedom from oppression.

2. To establish America as the new Jerusalem.

Confirmation of these facts can be found in the manifestos, letters, and other documentation of the Pilgrims who first came here.


On to the subject of slavery…

Unfortunately, slavery has been a part of man’s history, well…since man.   In the bible we are told of the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Romans, and other civilizations who enslaved a magnitude of people.  Some were enslaved because of their religion, the region they lived in, their color, their sex, or just because the other group wanted slaves! Historical documentation confirms these facts.

So, I believe that unless your family descended from royal blood lines, the ruling class, or the extreme wealthy; at one time or another, some of our ancestors  have  been slaves.

Then, why do we still feel the hurtful pangs of slavery from America’s past history so intensely?

I believe, because America is still a relatively  young country and we are not as far removed from our atrocious mistakes as other civilizations.

With that said.

After watching the ripple effect that the removal, or discussion of removal, of the Confederate Flag has caused; I have changed my  viewpoint!

Removal of the flag, will only open a broader road way for those who want to further oppress this country and continue her downfall.

Here are some examples supporting my decision…

The Dukes of Hazzard’s television show is one example. It was removed from television because of the confederate flag on the roof of the car in that show.  But they have not removed the daytime tv shows and other sitcoms which run during family hour on the prime-time networks. You know the ones, with enough sex shown for a porn movie or R rating!

Stores are removing anything with the confederate flag on it, but are they removing the Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Or the stimulating lotions in the Pharmacy areas of these stores. Are these items not offensive to some?

Did you know that we have human trafficking every day of the week down the I-10 corridor of America. Women, teens, and children are the new 21st century slaves of this movement!  Color nor ethnic background play a role in their selection. Lord only knows what type of work they are made to do; i.e. prostitution.

Can you see the moral disconnect here? Can you see the choosing of what is offensive for some, but profitable gains for others?

After the Confederate flag comes down everywhere, what liberties will they take next?

Bibles and crosses will have to be removed because they offend the atheists!

And what about those of you who own your own businesses? What happens when you don’t serve someone the way they think they should be served? Or operate your business in line with your religious beliefs, which may offend others.

You will be shut down! Your very lively hood taken away. And sued and fined to the point of bankrupting your business and family. Oh, wait, we have already seen that happen too!

America is no longer the home of the free and brave, but the home of the pc police and sniveling cowards!

As long as I am a free American, I will voice my opinion and fight for our liberties.

Put the Confederate Flag back up!

And get to work on the real problems in America!