King David to Dr. Ben Carson (The Hand of God)

When you watch the Republican candidates for President, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is God. But that is exactly what comes to my mind.  And it reminds me what a wonderful, miraculous God we serve!

I have watched candidates from the bottom rise to the top, and those on top fall to the bottom. Dr. Ben Carson is one of those candidates. A man who came to the public’s eye from a politically incorrect speech he gave at the National Prayer Day breakfast. And since then he has continually risen in popularity with the American people.

Now, the one thing that can never, ever be changed is the “will of God.”  This country was established to be the New Jerusalem; a Christian country to lead the way for the rest of the world.  We may have jumped the tracks from time to time, but God will put things back according to His will and the petition of His faithful servants! I believe we are witnessing the will of God right now, with the Republican candidates and Dr. Carson!

The  bible gives us many examples of the will of God. The one example which I believe runs parallel to what is happening in the United States is King David.  A shepherd boy who became a mighty King. If that were all there was to King David, it would be enough for most people.  But no, this King provided the blood lineage for our savior Jesus Christ! And for our salvation.

King David was a boy whose upbringing was only to become an overseer of sheep and farming.  He was not sent to scholarly schools, or groomed in etiquette for royalty, or even taught the skill of negotiation for foreign relations. No he was taught to herd sheep, but deep inside David beat a heart that resembled God’s heart. And for God that was enough.

Now, I bet you are wondering how Dr. Ben Carson, a Republican presidential candidate comes to compare with King David.  Well, Dr. Ben Carson was raised by a very poor, single mother. And in that environment, most people would expect him to become a laborer or maybe someone who laid back to only collect welfare.

No, his mother taught her sons values from the bible, reading it to them night and day.  A woman who worked hard to overcome her situation and to show her sons they could too.  By keeping God the center focus of their family, God blessed them.  And little boy Ben Carson, became surgeon Dr. Ben Carson.  A man who has kept God at the center of his life.   And maybe he too, has a heart which beats the same as God’s heart.

Dr. Carson has risen from the bottom of the Presidential candidates to the top three. Quietly, purposefully, and with the light of God leading the way. So now you see that the will of God can not be stopped or detained.  We have cried out for revival and restoration of our country.  And I believe God has heard our cries and is answering our prayers!

So the next time your watch the candidates, listen carefully to what each one is saying and ask God to give you a discerning ear. Can you see the change that is coming to America through the will of God?  I can! And I can hardly wait!

God Bless You!

Gods will

What Happens When Instant is No More? (Be Still)

Have you noticed that we have gone from a culture of innovations to a culture of instantaneous life? And with instantaneous life we have acquired acute boredom, some version of ADD,  and marriages that resemble a reality show mentality. So, is “instant” all it is cracked up to be? Or are we just cracked?

But for all of our undoing of ourselves, family, and culture; we appear to be circling back around.

For example the latest housing movement is called “Tiny” and the latest lifestyle is called “Unplugged.”  So for all of our technology, up-to-the-minute news, and electronic social gatherings; we still crave human contact and a simpler lifestyle. Rather unusual, don’t you think?

Sometimes I think having Wegener’s disease along with all it creates is a blessing.  I have learned to prioritize what is really important to me and my family. I do love keeping up with friends and family through the internet, but I would be just as happy rolling down a hillside with my grandkids or fishing off the dock with our toes dangling in the water.

You know the bible gives great advice for living our life! And these are just some of God’s action words…

Be still.    Wait.     Patience.      Listen.     Know.

The exact opposite of what we are doing today!  God tells us that if we do “be still, wait, patience, listen and know,” something good will follow! Now don’t confuse what I am saying with “prosperity preaching!” Good can be anything from a renewed mind,  body, and soul, to answered prayer.

For the next two weeks, I have no choice but to “be still, wait, patience, listen, and know,” and I have decided to use this as a sabbatical. And to prove God keeps His word in all things, as long as we follow Him. I will document it for you.

Because I know without a doubt God is always with me, even when I am not with Him.  Through my stubbornness and lack of sight, He was there. And I want you to know He is there for you too!

The first scripture that I will begin with is Psalm 46.  I will rise in the morning by six am, scripture reading, meditation, and prayer. During the day my focus will be on Godly things; music, scriptures, meditation, and prayers.  I will write with God, talk with God, and (sort of) walk with God. I will end the day reading Christian literature, which is the book called “One Way” by Dorothy Myers, and then nightly “grateful” prayers.

You can join me too! If you usually rise at 6, rise at 5. Read a passage of scripture, meditate for ten to twenty minutes, and then pray. You should be finished by your usual rising time and ready to take on the day! Be sure to keep a notebook on the scripture that you read, and prayers that you pray. You will be amazed to see God’s work in your life!!

God Bless You!