After Weeks, & Weeks…

After weeks and weeks, or maybe months or years of sitting still; I have learned an enormous amount about myself and this world. My knowledge can be compared with the great monks who sit in meditation and endure hours of infinite study.

Well, not really. It just sounded good!

When you have no choice but to be still in this constantly moving and expanding world, you find where your patience lies.  Mine lies deep within myself and I can, if I want, call it to the surface. Then you come to realize for all of your racing ahead, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Once you accept this fact as I have done, you can soar into your life, flying among the angels!  And then, each day, rest your head gently on Jesus’ lap.  I am back to meeting Him in the garden in the mornings. And, at night Jesus lovingly kissing my cheek goodnight before I sleep. This feeling of being settled is overwhelmingly peaceful.

You see I have come to terms with myself and living in Texas. I can only do each day what I can do. The rest will have to wait on another day. Because on most days I would rather sit and write more children’s books, and adult novels! But, I had gotten myself so busy with the mechanics of publishing and advertising, that I had forgotten to do what I really enjoy in life.

The most important lesson I learned, is that God is more interested in what He is doing in me and not what He is doing through me! He does not care if I am a successful writer or not. He cares about my heart.

Think of all of the change which could be created if we completely cared about each other’s hearts?

I know we all live busy lives and you can not see yourself sitting still. There is no time! And you see me as having the opportunity to sit still because I had no choice in the matter.  But if we take away the “spinning of our wheels” and only focus on doing what is truly necessary and important; there is more than enough time.

I pray God will show you it is more important to “be still” each day. I pray that during this time you will listen to your heart. And I pray that you will come to know the importance of your relationship with Jesus Christ above your relationship with this world!


God Bless.


Why Must You Hate?

Today I heard a statement made by a black, female Penn State University Professor concerning Dr. Ben Carson. Her statement was racist and full of hatred for a man of her own race. And when everyone is calling for her dismissal, she states that she can not be fired because she has tenure.

So, once again we see that if you have power (tenure), you can say publicly whatever disgusting thing you want to state! Another point that I find even more repulsive is that if my fellow, white or black, Southerner made the same statement; this Professor would probably be the first in line to throw stones and demand crucifixion! Her past statements lead me to this view-point.

Can power and money be so intoxicating, it will make you forget all of this is only temporary? And are we so numb as a society, that colleagues will turn a blind eye to the hateful actions of one of their own? Or is the PC police as frightening as the Nazi’s patrols were, thus keeping the truth hidden in the shadows?

How can we change a world, when the people in it are so resistant to getting along?

I do know the one great leveler of this world, which no one escapes, is death.  When you die it will not matter how much money you had, nor power to lord over people. Your name, position, and wealth will cease to exist!

God will decide whether you treated all people with kindness, love, and understanding. God will decide if you helped to perpetuate hatred or stepped up to stop it. God will decide where you spend eternity!

And that should be the deciding factor for all of us.

The governing faculty at Penn State University should decide if by allowing racist slurs spout from their Professors, without appropriate disciplinary action; might decide their eternity. But unfortunately, it would take a large loss of funding and future student enrollment to open their eyes. For they are ruled by the political correctness of this world and not by God.

If one of my children was looking at Penn State University for college, they would have to take it off the table! For, what does a opinionated, closed-minded, politically correct Professor have to teach a child?

I believe they will only teach further hatred, which leads to even more degradation of our society!

And, if you have not looked around lately, that is the last thing we need!

God Bless!