Politically Cured (Get Your PMMD Booster Today)

Have you had your PMMD booster shot yet? The experts say this will be the worst year we have ever seen, since America’s beginning!  What?! You do not know what a PMMD booster is?

Politically Motivated Mouth Disease, PMMD, and it is in full swing throughout our country!

Oh, it can be stopped and cured, if the Politicians start listening and stop frothing at the mouth!

So, before our illustrious (tongue in cheek and biting hard here) Politicians start spreading their infectious germs, they should listen to the American people. And, as an American person, born and raised here, I have a right to tell you (Politicians) a few of my ideas for our country. So take the cotton out of your ears and pull the zipper across your mouth.

Now focus on the words I am saying.

We are throughly cured of the diseases concerning politics as usual and the usual politicians.”

If you are running your campaign utilizing methods and suggestions from a by gone era; you should change immediately.

“Because we have had our shots and we are immune!”

Republican and Democrat party leaders and our representatives, the same goes for you too.


Now, let me suggest something better.

Change is a word overly promoted during these campaigns. Take the word “dream” from Dr. Martin Luther King’s playbook. Dreamed would be a better word, because dreams are what built America!

Get the idea?

Here are some examples to help your mucked up wheels turn in your brain. Now, keep those zippers, zipped!

“I dream of a better tomorrow in America where…Industry returns to our country, people are fed, fairness is applied to all concerning employment and treatment, boundaries are not placed on someone because of color, ethnicity, and religion, but secure boundaries will be erected on our borders!”

“I dream of a better tomorrow in America where…Other countries and their countrymen are no longer allowed to take advantage of America and Americans. Terrorism and Terrorists will no longer be able to thrive, because they can no longer survive under our new plan”

“I dream of a better tomorrow in America where…freedom is once again spoken about with respect and our military is given the pay and honor they deserve!”

Applause, Applause, Applause

Then, said politician, would outline his/her plan. And no attacking another candidate or party! Because that is a sly way to sneak around the issues. When you do, we stuff the cotton in our ears.

Speak with truth and passion, not rhetoric and big money backed statements! Our shots had extra rhetoric and bull solutions applied too. We are immune.

I know I have said this before, but here I go again…

Politicians need to get out in the communities and talk to the people. I mean communities where the people are afraid to open their doors because of the crime. Communities where hunger and neglect are their descriptive words. Communities where working 8-12 hours a day, is a week by week paycheck to keep the wolves away from their doors.  That is the real America.

And to all of the news media covering the Politicians, SHUT UP! You are like the manure spreader at a farm. You keep stirring it up and spreading the disease farther and farther over the land.

Because in case you have not heard…


We are cured from PMMD and PMMDN; Politically Motivated Mouth Diseased Newscaster!



God Bless You!

God Bless America!