To the People and Governor of California

Last night and today the rest of the United States was privy to the thug mentality that appears to rear its ugly head in California, all too often.  While I am not a Trump supporter, I do believe in a candidates right to make his/her speech.  And, you have the right to go to the speech or not to go to the speech. Or engage in peaceful protest.

Instead a group called Unite Here decided to have a protest fueled with anger. I have never heard of this group, but I came away with a very clear vision as to what they are…uneducated thugs. Or what they portrayed themselves.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was the master at “peaceful protests!” He knew that if rioting and destruction of property prevailed, his agenda for equality would only digress.  And he  did, further the progress of equality for all men in America through peace.

If you do not think these actions shine an unfavorable light onto California, you are sadly mistaken!

Why would I want to relocate my business to California? Riots with destruction to public and private property reveals inadequate public safety in California. If someone disagrees with my business in California, will they unite and burn it down.  What about the safety of my employees and their families?

On the economic side, I am sure these areas incur higher insurance premiums. And, at what cost would I have to fortify my business just to bring jobs to that area?

Then there is the subject of visiting California for vacation. Why go someplace where you and your family can be caught up in one of these riots? Maybe hurt or even killed.

The pictures and videos coming out of California have only served to hurt your own state!

And then the image of the people waving the Mexican flag made a huge statement.

“I am an illegal from Mexico and I help to incite riots.”

Isn’t this the big argument about illegals? That they are criminals waiting to embark on a crime spree against Americans and our families. Those who argue this point are smiling big because you validated them!

Last night and today the ugly side of California was shown and I don’t think people understand how much it can hurt their state. The people need to know their real rights, not ones made up in their heads. Protests should be operated with dignity, in order to get respect for their issues. These thug protests, do nothing but take five steps back into an unpredictable and unstable time within your state’s history.

Now, the rest of America is watching to see how the California state and local government addresses the rioters. Will the local governments pay for the destruction and pass it onto their tax payers. Or will you step up and prosecute them? Will you hold the organizers of groups like Unite Here for inciting riots and destruction of property? Or will you slap them on the wrist and give them a free pass for future chaos?

We will just have to wait and see.