My Thanksgiving Gift

Our 21-year-old son started having chest pains on Saturday, and it took until Tuesday evening for him to decide he might need to see the doctor.  I wanted to take him to the cardiologist, but he felt the family doctor was all he needed. While he was thinking reflux, I was thinking about the small opening they found last year between the upper chambers of his heart.

I, reluctantly, gave in to the family doctor because he is 21 and should be able to make his own decisions.  Even though the mother in me, felt like “just do what I say.”  Wednesday morning we called and had an appointment by 2 that afternoon.

As he described his symptoms to the Physician Assistant, she decided an EKG would not hurt.  The nurse came in and ran the EKG, and then ran it again.  She abruptly walked out and I could hear her and the Physician Assistant discussing the test, and then the Physician Assistant was on the phone with his Cardiologist.

The EKG showed pericarditis, or fluid around the heart, and that something was going on.

His vitals were stable so she opted for me to drive him to the hospital instead of an ambulance.  Great call, an ambulance would have added to my anxiety and I am not sure he would have ridden in it.  So off we go, where they were waiting on us  in the Emergency Room.

As they were settling him in the emergency room, they began with their questions and another EKG.  I picked up my phone and texted my dearest friend (whom I consider the best prayer warrior, I have every known) and our daughter (his older sister).

When they took him for a chest o-ray, I informed my daughter I felt like my dad was with us.  I explained on the back of an old truck, we were stuck behind in traffic, there was a sticker. He asked me what it said because he could not make out the words.

Spaniel, King Charles.

Before my father died he pestered me about getting our grandson a King Charles Spaniel. The next sign was that they put us in room 13.  My father was born on January 13, Friday the 13th to be exact.  So every Friday the 13th, I would call and wish him a happy birthday, did not matter the month.  We would have a great laugh and loving conversation.

My daughter said it was God letting me know He loved me.  Yes, God has always been there in my life and once again He was saying, “I am here,” “call on Me.”

I called!

It was decided our son had to stay and endure a night of blood tests, blood cultures, sonogram, and questions.  As one test after another was done, we were told they came out fine. The next morning his Cardiologist informed us, he did have the inflammation but he had not had a heart attack. You see the first tests, showed a possible heart attack.  The next set showed nothing was wrong, but inflammation.

God is good!

We left the hospital Wednesday afternoon and gave into our exhaustion when we arrived home.  Thankful does not begin to explain how I feel.  I believe God took a situation which could have had a devastating outcome and turned it around. Why He did it, we may not know until Glory.  What I do know in the very depth of my heart, is that God knows and understands things we could never know or understand.  And that is good enough for me!

While we were going through this trial, one of my favorite Sidewalk Prophet’s song kept playing over and over in my head…He Loves Me Anyway.  Almost as if God was assuring me, He loves me and has it all under control. Because that song describes me…”I am the nail in his wrist, but He loves me anyway.  I am Judas’ kiss, but He loves me anyway.”

I want to say that I am no more special than you are to God.  He loves you the same way and all He wants is for you to call out to Him…lean on Him…curl up in His loving arms and rely on Him for everything!

My Thanksgiving gift this year was from God.  He let me know that He loves me and my family.  And He is still the one in control of my son’s destiny!

I am thankful for so many things in my life; family, friends, the life I live.  But more importantly, I am thankful for God.  My alpha and omega, my loving Father, my Savior. For without Him, I am nothing; but with Him, I am everything He sees me to be in this life!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!

Did The Sky Fall In On Your Head Yet?

Ok Chicken Little, it has been almost a week after our Presidential election, and I am wondering…

“Did the sky fall in on your head?”

“Did your world explode sending bits and pieces of you into the cosmic outer sphere?”

“Or have you been getting up every day since, putting your clothes on, and going to your job (I think of stay at home moms/dads as a job too.)?”

Isn’t it peculiar that America’s main stream media reflects the same qualities as Chicken Little?  If you don’t know who Chicken Little is, just google. They love to get the American public into a tornadic fury over the least little thing.  Because then we react and act negatively, which provides them stories to boost their ratings!

In other words…you just put a bundle of money in their pockets.

Our Presidential election was a changing of hands and nothing more.  But main stream media made it into a circus of division and strife throughout the American public. Of course, it is not like our President and his team from the past eight years did not have the original agenda of divide and conquer already in operation.

To them, it was do or die time!

To  those of us, who recognize God is the One in control, the Presidential election was a changing of hands.

Psalm 22:28

“for dominion belongs to the Lord and He rules over the nations.”

Job 12:10

“In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”

So if you are still  peeping through your fingers waiting on a big thump on your head, you will be wasting your time.  Step out of this world’s ridiculous tornado of fear and step into the peace of knowing God!

Turn off main stream media and turn on family time, bible study time, or maybe self-reflection time.  Come to know God’s peace for your life. Then the next time main stream media is stirring up tornadic activity, you will laugh and turn them OFF!

And maybe if Americans turn back toward God, the next four years will be amazing for all Americans!


God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Veteran’s Day & Weekend

I wrote this a couple of years ago and I still mean every word today!


For You, our Veterans and Service Men, who have sacrificed so much, to ensure our continued safety here on American soil and in foreign lands.

I Salute You!

For the times you were weary, and bloodied from the battles that you fought; knowing your only refuge was in God’s Grace Filled Hands.

I Salute You!

For the times you never let America down,  and served diligently, always prepared to live and die for the ultimate stand.

I Salute You!

The minuscule words of “Thank You”, could not hold the meaning of your service nor, should you never misunderstand.

How indebted America is to you, and your family. For no greater love is there, than to lay down your life for another.

And yet, you give your life freely for millions of unknown American sisters and brothers.

I Salute You!

God Bless You and God Bless America!


The End is Near! But Which End?

I know I have written before about the people you see parading around with the sign “Repent for the End is Near” or “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near.”  And I always have to say over and over, only God knows when the end will occur!  You can not guesstimate, estimate, or consult a crystal ball.  Not even the angels who were first with God, knows when the earth will cease to exist.

But tomorrow, we will know if the end is near for our country.  Or will we?

You see, I believe God can change every situation and every person’s heart…even a politician. So, if your candidate is not elected, who says God can not step in and bring about the right changes for America. You have to believe, pray, and demonstrate with your actions that it is all under God’s control!

And I believe somewhere deep down in America there is still love and compassion for one another.  We have to stop allowing our government leaders create a divide among us.  While also, not waiting on them to make our lives better.  God gave His children mighty powers.  Unfortunately, His children have to decide to either use God’s gifts or allow them to go dormant.

What is your decision?

My decision is that no matter the outcome of the Presidential election, I will continue to write, to love others, and do the best I can each day.  And then I will get up the following day and do it all over again, if it is God’s will for me.

God Bless You!

God Bless America!


The Birth of One Retail Therapy Dot Com

Once more I had to follow the calling of my heart. And so I designed another website along with its’ own blog. One Retail Therapy was born out of my desire to own a retail establishment. And I wanted to be able to share my life experiences with others concerning my own attempts to stretch a dollar as far as I could.

Sometimes, I would stretch that dollar so far it popped!


Not hopped.

 So, after 54 years of living, learning, and stretching of the dollar; I came to the conclusion that online shopping was the best! Thus my idea of one stop shopping online became a reality.

One Retail Therapy Dot Com was born!

 My next step began with the search for stores. I desired stores who truly wanted customers, and would work hard to get them and keep them. My second criteria was the stores had to offer awesome products with incredible discounts, and some kind of free shipping.

After building the site, I realized most of the stores on One Retail Therapy, were small business owners.  And just like the rest of us, they are trying to make a living each and every day.  Now some of the stores I chose because of their excitingly different merchandise, which can not be found in regular retail establishments or large chains! There are a few of them which are the more commonly known shops too.

The last hurdle was one more blog to write. I have decided that between now and the end of the holidays,  One Retail Therapy’s blog will focus on making the holidays fun again. And as always…giving back!

Oh yes, I plan on doing our holiday shopping at One Retail Therapy. And then spending the rest of my time enjoying the holidays, our family, and having a little more jingle in my own pocket!

Be sure to check out and sign up for our email notifications too.

 As always, God Bless You!

God Bless American!