God’s Got This, Mom!

Being a grandparent myself, I am excited to learn about Jesus’ grandparents from “The Book of Anne!”  It is only logical that if Jesus had human parents, they must have come from somewhere, so Jesus should have grandparents.

Mary’s mother and father, (and Jesus’ grandparents) are Anne and Joachim, successful Galilean farmers.  Anne was Joachim’s second wife and Mary’s mother.  No, he did not have a harem.  Their whole existence revolved around God and His word.  And from the moment you read about them, you instantly know they are a warm, loving couple. Who intentionally raised their own children to know and obey their living God.

After reading about Anne, Joachim, and Mary, I can see why God would choose them for Jesus.  Also, we know why God chose Joseph, because his blood line was royal, Kind David royal.  And Joseph was a good man, who also lived, worked, and played according to the Jewish religion.  Perfect for Mary! God knew this would be the absolute environment for our Savior.

The point at which I have stopped reading, shows Mary and Joseph preparing for their travels to Bethlehem.  Anne has arrived and she is horrified that Mary is planning on going!  The baby is due at any time and she believes this could be dangerous for both Mary and the child.  Mary is calm, and self-assured, and basically tells Anne;

“Gods got this, mom.”

Yes, Anne raised Mary to be certain of God and His promises.  And, Mary is following through with what she has been taught.  I am sure her visits from the angel Gabriel and God keeping her in the loop of things, (so to speak) provided her with a knowing courage.

But I can relate as a grandmother.

I remember before each of our grandchildren were born, I felt a grip of fear.  The main reason was because we parents are told we are to take care of our children.  And I was not in the delivery room to make sure the doctor and nurses were doing the delivery right.  This was my baby girl, who was about to have her own baby and the birth had to be a c-section.

My daughter told us of the fear that washed over her, as her husband went out to tell the families about the change of plans.  She prayed to God and within the very next moment she was filled with peace.  Everything was going to be fine for her and the baby.

“Gods got this, mom.”

Later, we found out that if it had not been for the c-section, our first granddaughter would not have made it.  The cord was dangerously wrapped around her neck.  To go through the birth canal would have strangled her to death.

“Gods got this mom.”

How many times do we tell our children to have unwavering faith in God?  But then yank it away when it concerns us.  I know I do.

If only we could borrow a little of Mary’s courage from time to time and tell ourselves…

“God’s got this!”


God Bless You!

God Bless America!


Woman’s March, Sorry I Can Not Help Myself!

I saw bits and pieces of the recent Women’s March in Washington, DC, and I kept telling myself, “Ignore the Ignorance!” Then this morning one my writing pads of notes was opened to some notes I had made awhile back.  Probably way before the march.  The funny part is that I did not open it to this page, it was already there.  Almost as if saying, “Well I am waiting on you to write me in your blog!”

Here I go again…

Since the day when we burned our bras and sang, “I am woman hear me roar;” he became she and she became he and we were equal!  Right?

But haven’t we always been in this together? Adam and Eve, husband and wife, man and woman, however you feel like classifying yourself.  Equal in life, equal in sin, and equal in death!

God considers us all His children, the good, the bad, and the ugly in us.  He loves us the same.  And maybe that is why some of these women felt the need to march, because deep down inside they do not feel equal.  Equally loved, and recognized for who they are inside.

Of course I have never felt the need to wear a vagina hat to prove my equality or speak in such vulgar terms to be taken seriously. If you want to be taken serious in your protests, I would suggest knowing the facts first.  Then dress for success.  Take a look at the photos of Martin Luther King Jr’s protests.  You will see suits and ties and elegant day dresses.

When you are dressed for grunge of the year or slut of the year, it is hard to see past your need for attention. Like a spoiled child rolling on the ground screaming at the top of their lungs. Most people will not give in to such a display of characters, much less take what they are saying seriously.

And this is the exact reflection of a deliberate problem which occurred throughout these past eight years…


While they have been telling you that you are not responsible, and others need to clean up your messes or pay your way; let me tell you what God says…

Galatians 6:4-5 “But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor. For each will have to bear his own load.”

Romans 14:10, 12 “For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. So then each of us will give an account of himself to God.”

Wow, each one of us has to bear our own load! And then we have to give an account of ourselves and our lives before God.  OK, I am so, so, so, glad Jesus will be there to stand with me.  And I have not worn a vagina on my head or tried to lead others in riotous, destructive behavior.

What about you?

One more point, I would like to make. As a child of the sixties and growing up in the deep south; I do not remember a time when I have felt that I was not equal.  If I did, it was somewhere in my own mind and my own lack of courage and/or knowledge.  And if equality gives me the right to kill a baby, I don’t want that kind of equality.


God Bless You!

God Bless America!




Push Me, Pull You


Jesus was born into a world of turmoil and struggle between the Roman conquerors and the Jewish leaders.  Having pagans and Jews live as neighbors is a disaster brewing. Especially since the pagans were trying to force their beliefs on the Jewish people. And everything about Jewish life and government revolved around their religious beliefs.

Sounds like the “Push Me, Pull You” of the Dr. Doolittle story.

The Romans made Herod their regional ruler for them over the Jews.  Herod was twenty-six years old, Jewish, and made 1.6 million dollars a year. (1.6 million in our money today.) Except he was a converted Jew, so the Jewish people did not regard him as one of them. Herod could have cared less about the Jewish people and their leaders, his allegiance was to Rome.

I would be interested to see if Herod and King Henry the 8th of England were related.  They both had a gruesome way to end their marriages, so that they could marry another woman. And if killing all those children in hopes he had killed the Messiah were not enough, Herod made sure everyone would mourn when he died.  He told his sister Salome to arrest and put in jail the most important leaders of the Jewish people.  And when the news came that he had died, they were all to be killed.

So, in the middle of this demented push me, pull you type of existence, a baby was born. Not an ordinary baby either, but our Messiah Jesus Christ!

You see, what Herod did not understand was that God does not work within our human parameters.  He is bigger than everything in the universe.  Human planning will never, ever supersede God’s plans.

Even in today’s push me, pull you world; God is still here.  You hear about the middle east turmoil, and the violence throughout the world…God is still here.  Your day has been one push and pull away from sending you over the edge…God is still here.

If God can send a baby, in the middle of the vile evil which had a grip on Jerusalem,  to be our Messiah.  Don’t you think God can handle what is going on in the world and our lives today? We just have to ask Him and then we have to allow Him to take over!

Give the “Push Me, Pull You” back to Dr. Doolittle and give your life to God!


God Bless You!

And God Bless America!



Everything is Good!

I want to apologize because I had stated that I would start my new journey, Jesus as a child, right after January 1, and I am a little delayed.  We, my husband, my self, and our youngest son, decided at the end of 2016 to sell our house and downsize.  Simplify our lives so that we would be able to pursue our passions, spend more time together and enjoy life each day to the fullest.

Well, we began the new year, 2017, with our house being sold. Then came the whirlwind of inspections, appraisers, contracts…blah, blah, blah, and back and forth. Who knew selling a house was so much fun?  And to make life a little more interesting, we decided to trust God for our next home.  Now remember everything happens in God’s timing not ours.

So, with God, we did finally find a home… this past weekend.  The best part was that the house felt like home and I have a prayer closet!  Sometimes waiting on God can be so tough, especially for me.  My husband will say to me, “Now you gave it to God, don’t take it back from Him.”  I like the orderly, scheduled existence; but that is truly not living life the way God meant for us to live…always depending on Him.

Note: During this time my son and myself became sick with a virus they thought. But now it might be sinuses instead. Oh brother! ( I am rolling my eyes.)

While all of this hurry up, chaotic scrambling has been going on,  the bible verse Romans 8:28 flashes in my mind.

“All things work together for good to those who love God, who have been called according to His purpose.”

Except I still have an uneasiness about God’s plan for us, because you know God has a sense of humor!  Why else would there be a seven-day lapse between the closings? And if you have ever read your bible then you know 7 days and 40 days can be life changing events.

Or could God just be having a little fun with me? (I am trying to convince myself here.) Because of the lapse between closings, we will be living in a camper with three dogs ages 16,15, and 5; and a 10-year-old cat.  Or maybe this is just a new-age stress test and your turn is next.  What am I worried about any way?

I have watched Tiny House Nation and seen animals and owners co-existing in a very pleasant manner.  At least when the cameras are there and aimed at them. But… our cat is set in his ways.  He insists on doing his business in a hole in the ground outside.  No litter box for this cat.  The one time we boarded him, it was a disaster, because he would not use the box.  He held it in. They finally had to put a leash on him and walk him outside.

Just keep repeating…

“All things work together for good to those who love God, who have been called according to His purpose.”

“All things work together for good to those who love God, who have been called according to His purpose.”

At least I will have some interesting, if not hilarious stories to share with you. So, please be patient with me! We will start our journey concerning Jesus’ childhood soon.


God Bless You!

God Bless America!

The Child Called Jesus

Well, my books have finally arrived concerning Jesus’ childhood.  They are… Daily Life at the time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh, and The Book of Anne, The Story of the Childhood of Jesus as told by His Grandmother, by Sandy Martin Ericson.

When we think of Jesus, He is either a baby or an adult.  But what happened in the middle of His life?  The growing years when how we live and what we go through, develops who we are in life.  And what about the family God choose Jesus to be a part of and why? How did all of it influence Jesus, or did it?

Maybe I will find these answers.

But before I begin, I want to explain why I chose these two books. First is The Book of Anne.  The author, Sandy Martin Ericson, and her prologue had me hooked. Because when I read her prologue, I immediately knew this was a book all Christians should read sometime during their lifetime walk with Jesus.

The Book of Anne Prologue


Sandy Martin Ericson

Historians tell us the father of Mary was a successful Galilean farmer named Joachim.  Most first century farmers lived in villages and worked small, nearby pieces of land.  Like the farmer in the “Parable of the Prodigal Son,” Joachim is thought to have owned large fields in a fertile valley in the Nazarean hills.  Many parables spoken by Jesus were agricultural in nature. It is reasonable to presume he spent time amid the wheat and sheep.

Scripture tells us the holy family journeyed from exile in Egypt to Galilee, rather than returning to Judea.

This story is of the life of Jesus during his childhood years and of his family and the people around him.  It is a combination of history, geography, tradition, myth and imagination.

This then is how it might have been. Turn the page and imagine with me.

Wow, I hope you buy her book or download it on your Kindle! I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Now the other book, Daily Life at the time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh.  This is more of a cut and dried explanation with historical data and archeological facts.  But the way it is presented with pictures and little interesting facts; like Herod earned 1.6 million dollars a year, keeps the boredom away.  She also brings into play politics and the clash of cultures and religions, to help us realize the dynamics that were stewing in the background.

Once again, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you purchased this book also.

So with both of these books in hand, I will embark on knowing Jesus and his childhood.  Which, if possible, will probably make me love Him even more!

God Bless You!

And God Bless America!