Love Remains

Easter weekend quickly approaches and some will be focused on the cross, and some on the chocolate bunnies.  I will be focused on Jesus and my new year with Him.  In case you don’t understand, I believe my new year to be Easter Sunday not January 1.  I do celebrate the changing of the yearly number, but it is more important to me to celebrate the changing of my soul each year.

We go through so much in a year.  Joys, sorrows, struggles, miracles; you name it, we humans experience it.  So I like to think of Good Friday as the day Jesus takes my past year to the middle of hell and leaves all the bad stuff there.  My brat ways, my control freak persona, my self-centered absorption, unkind words thought and said, and anything else along those lines.  Then Jesus brings back the better side of me, especially my heart.  And on Easter Sunday, I start a new Christian year!


Humans die, kingdom don’t last, fads fade away, countries rise and fall because nothing stays the same.  We are all evolving.  The one who has never changed and will never change is Jesus.  Love remains!

This year why not start a new year with me?  No resolutions or fad diets required.  Just the love of Jesus Christ in your life to share with others!

Love Remains by the Scott Family is the perfect video to explain how I feel.  Like I have said before, if I could sing, I would sing for you.  But I want to protect your ears!

I pray this music blesses you the way it blessed my heart!


Happy New Year!

It is January again, so get those lists out and start making some more resolutions for your next year.  We are a bunch of planners aren’t we?  With date books, note pads, calendars, cell phones, notebooks, iPads, and computers; you think we would be a nation of well executed, perfect little lives.

But we are humans, and that is why we are unlike those still paintings of perfection.  As we try to plan, organize, and execute well-meaning agendas, a little thing called free-will creeps back into our nature.  And throws a monkey wrench into the finely, perfected blueprint of our lives we designed for the next year.

Thank God for that free-will monkey wrench He gave us!  If not, we would be boring and bored! And I believe God meant for us to be individuals, not Stepford robots.

So, put aside those resolutions.  Let’s talk about something else we do this time of year.

We have finished celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.  Then we make our yearly resolutions and next we hurriedly rush forward to April. The crucifixion of Jesus. We go from celebration to saved in one fell swoop.  Woosh.  Can you feel the wind of March blowing past you?

Whoa! Pull the brake on this speeding train.

What about the in-between stuff? The January, February, and March of our lives.  Did Jesus suddenly go from baby to man within three months? No.

So, what did happen to Jesus from baby, to man, to ministry?

I would like to know, wouldn’t you?

Well, that is what I intend to find out during my January, February, and March! Not only for you, but for me too! As we get into Jesus’ ministry, probably around March,  we will pick back up in the book of Matthew where we left off before Christmas.  And then we might be able to figure out how to use this free-will monkey wrench to tighten some of our own loose screws!

Please join me on my journey of “Finding Jesus.” I can’t promise it will be perfect, but joyful, engaging, and fulfilling might be some of the words we will use.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

God Bless You!

God Bless America!

Jesus and His Parables

We all know that Jesus spoke in parables when addressing the crowds.  Basically, Jesus told stories which compared an earthly contrast or comparison and a spiritual truth. The Great Teacher and His parables would enlighten the crowds, who came to hear Him speak.  Or would they?

I once thought, wrongly, Jesus told His parables so that the masses could understand. Jesus told the parables not their meanings to the crowds.  I guess because I have grown up hearing Jesus’ parables and then the Pastor immediately explain it, I did not fully realize that back then there were no Pastors. Only The Teacher!

And for myself, If I had been there, I would have been tapping Him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, I don’t get it.”

“Could you please tell me what you mean when referring to seed and sowing because it sounds like we are about to plant a crop?”

And, that is exactly what His own disciples did!  On more than one occasion they asked Jesus to speak plainly or to explain what He meant.

Jesus told parables to set up the groundwork for a real and lasting relationship between ourselves and God.

How many times are we told in the bible, to seek God? How many situations would have had a better outcome, in your life, if you had sought God’s advice and help first?  Using God’s building blocks, builds a secure relationship with Him! And no one or entity can take it away from you or tear it down.  Not even death.

During this Easter season, please spend each day seeking God and understanding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.  Read the four Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to start your solid foundation.  The forty days and five Sundays, which we have left of Easter, is enough time to begin your habit of a lifetime.  A relationship with Jesus Christ!

And if you don’t understand the meanings of scripture, well you are blessed to be a part of this century.  The resources are abundant! Most bibles have explanations at the bottom. Pastors love to be able to utilize their education and enlighten another soul. Oh yes, you can Google your questions also.